Why I will Gladly pay $208 for Newspapers!

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Why I will Gladly pay $208 for Newspapers!

So I have realized I average a savings of $200 a week and it has taken me a little over a year to get this good at least for the items my family purchases. This includes diaper wipes, Pull-ups, paper goods, Health and Beauty and all our groceries.

So as you can see I only need to save $200 in one week and that pretty much pays for my full 1 year subscription of 4 Sunday only papers.

Why 4 subscriptions you ask?

Well in light of the new coupon fad that everyone and yes their mommies too are using coupons, most manufactures are putting limits on their coupon usage as well as store coupon policies are getting stricter. There use to be a point where you could use multiple coupons of the same product in the same transaction, but not anymore. Most coupons found in the P&G inserts are now limiting 4 like coupons per transaction. So, for me to abide by the newer coupon rules, I really only need 4 sets of coupons. Also I make roughly 3 trips to the stores a week if there are really good sales but my average is one time a week unless I take a week off from couponing which I now can afford to do so because I have a reasonable stockpile for my family and only need to get the minimal perishable items each week.

If by chance there is an incredible deal coming up I can preview my favorite stores weekly ad like Walgreens from Iheartwags.com and CVS at IheartCVS.com or Kroger who my good friend Ruth from ShoppingTipsandTricks.com who post weekly matchups before the sale begins. Even my blog friend Melissa from Melissa’s Bargains posts Top 25 of Target weekly. I can also preview the Sunday Coupon Inserts ahead of time from Sunday Coupon Preview in case there is a week I need to get more papers. Not all coupons are found in the Sunday inserts you can find great ones at Redplum.com, Coupons.com, Couponnetwork.com, Smartsource.com and loadable coupons to your store card at Cellfire.com.

Planning is key to saving big. Write out lists of items your family uses to writing and planning out each transaction. I am not the best organized person you can ask anyone but I’ve learned that if I plan out my trips they go smoother, there is less hassle and I can teach others more easily how to do what I do. I am NOT an extreme couponer but I sure know how to use a coupon wisely, correctly and manage what I spend to help my family get by. If you need help find what insert a coupon was in you can use WeUseCoupons.com coupon database to help you locate a coupon. Also many manufactures have coupons and promotions on their sites as well as their Facebook fan pages.

So for me and my family I will gladly spend $208 for the year for 4 Sunday only Newspaper Subscriptions.

To get a good deal on Sunday newspapers wait when your local paper that carries the Sunday inserts does a promotion get your subscription at its cheapest. Call them and ask if they have a discount for multiple subscriptions. Know your family needs and buy the amount of papers to fit those needs. If you are starting out start with only 1-2 papers and get a hang of that first and then add more. Call your local papers and ask if they carry Sunday inserts or if they are mailers? Not all newspapers treat each area they deliver to the same. Some areas will only carry 1 or 2 of the inserts but not always all of them.

So how much are you willing to spend to save money for your family?

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3 Responses to Why I will Gladly pay $208 for Newspapers!

  1. vickie nelson says:

    Our paper has not been getting smartsource inserts. Are you saying that if I buy the same paper in a different location it may have all inserts? This has been driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get all the inserts!!

  2. Moms says:

    Yes atleast in my area but when I was in DC and talking to some women from all over the northeast all said the same thing so you might want to look around your area and even ask around.

  3. Laura Katzenbach says:

    I live in Central Califonria and our coupons are not the same as the coupons in the larger cities. I buy @ome of our local paper and also buy some of the LA Times paper (largest city in my area). It always has alot more and much better coupons than our local Fresno Bee! I do buy both papers though because there are differences in the coupons. Hope this helps!