What Blogger’s Don’t Tell You!

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First of all this meant to take a look into a bloggers life and by no means is this the opinion of every blogger. This post was comprised solely by myself. This to help fans and other bloggers to be grateful for each other and the work bloggers of all kinds for the hard work and dedication they have to their blogs.

Blogging is a job. You know most blogs make money off advertising, reviews and posts but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when you have to keep track of everything yoirself. Many blogs have virtual assistants who assists them with their blog I don’t have one and I do all my work on my own and I’m sure it shows. Anyways it’s great to have the reviews and giveaways to offer but it can get overwhelming at times.

Rude comments can feel like being beaten to the ground sometimes. I know I have not been keeping up with my blog as much recently but my family does come first and lately we’ve had to deal with my mother being in the hospital and then rehab and now dialysis. You all have been very kind and have asked about my mother but I have seen on other blogs were fans have been rude and disrespectful when a blogger post why they have been away. We are personal because we are human and we know fans better relate when we show that we are the average deal finder, coupon user just like many others. We take pride in our blogs and when we can’t be there I know I feel guilty my motto is helping others save. I can’t help you save if I don’t tell you how so yes I feel horrible when I’ve been away so please when you see a blogger post about troubles they are dealing with or why they been away leave an encouraging word it will mean a lot.

Next you probably are following 50 or more coupon blogs or like me over 500 so guess what we are pretty much sharing the same fans but what makes us all different is we post different things for example I rarely post online deals not because I don’t make money off them because I do but if I don’t think it will save you money then I won’t post or mostly because I don’t have the time to post them before they are gone. I offer coupon trains I am also helping 12 families in2012 using what I earn from superpoints and donating it.

Take a look at the blogs you follow and narrow them down to ones you absolutely like I know I might lose a 100 fans but if I’m not offering you anything different than another blog then I am not doing you any good for you to stick around. I recently had to Weed out 200 blogs that have either closed down or just aren’t posting relevant info for where I am at in my life not to say they weren’t doing a good job it is just that I was not their target audience anymore. So yes I am telling you to leave if I am not giving information that fits your life right now. Like many other bloggers I would hate to lose fans but sometimes it is necessary.

Many bloggers aren’t going to tell you it takes time to do coupon matchups and sometimes despise it too. I matchup dollar general, family dollar and kmart and I have to say sometimes it takes more than an hour especially when I get kicked off the internet, my kids interrupt me or my laptop decides to freeze. I do them because it helps you not to have to spend the time to do them on your own. It is something I think is important but sometimes it’s a drag.

Many bloggers aren’t going to tell you how long it takes to find deals and post them especially like me! I have a cell phone, camera, iPod and laptop to use to make a post, hence why I am thankful for finding sponsors to help pay for iPod 2/3 so I can post immiedietly while at the store plus post videos.

Bloggers aren’t going to tell you that it’s a drag sometimes to check your email. sometimes email are welcomed but it can get overwhelming when you see hundreds of email. It does take time to read them all so the next time you send your favorite blogger an email give them a few days to respond I know they would appreciate it. Also if you send a blogger a deal to share put a reason why you should share it because it’s a difficult to share everything so if I don’t have a reason why I should share then I typically won’t share because it does take time to put the post together. And if you won a giveaway when you respond act excited, it makes it all worth it!

Some bloggers aren’t going to tell you they check their stats 2-3 times a day because it does matter to companies and to score those huge items to giveaway. Stats do matter even the talk about on Facebook. Let me tell you it is very hard to keep up your stats. Stats are a huge deal to get sponsors and prizes.

Bloggers aren’t always going to tell you when things go wrong. When a giveaway sponsor backs out on a giveaway I step in and still give the item away out of my own blogging budget. However if a winner doesn’t respond in a timely manner I do not have the time to chase a winner down so I then speak to the sponsor if they would like to pick a new winner. Depending on the situation is the outcome whether a new winner is picked. There are many things that can happen but often time bloggers are not going to tell you.

Hope this helps you get a better perspective of bloggers and the work the do to make it easier on you.

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5 Responses to What Blogger’s Don’t Tell You!

  1. Ruth Dennison says:

    Great Article! And yes, it’s a FULL-TIME Job for me!

  2. Tracy Mead says:

    Loved this! Better yet…I love all you do! You are such an inspiration!

  3. Mystery Shopping Teacher says:


    This is very true! You work hard on your blog and it definitely shows. You are a great help to many people so keep doing what you do when you can. Family definitely comes first, though.

  4. Melissa's Bargains says:

    So true!!

  5. Jessica A. says:

    This is so very true! Blogging full time can be very rewarding but it takes a lot of work! Thank you, Rebecca for all you do and all you share with your readers!!