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In time like these everyone is hurting. So if you are finding yourself in need of assistance below are places in Lynchburg, VA area that you can call or if you have the ability to help and donate see the places below on what they need and how you can contact about helping out.

The best donation for a food pantry is money. Agencies that provide food to the hungry can purchase food at greatly reduced prices through government programs and the Lynchburg Area Food Bank. For example, the New Prospect Baptist Church Food Bank in Amherst County can turn a $1 donation into 11 pounds of food.

Here are a few places that offer food assistance in the Lynchburg area, and ways to help them.


The Rural Emergency Assistance Program (REAP) was established in 1980 by churches in Rustburg. It is located at the Campbell County Department of Social Services.

REAP is in the midst of competing in the Feinstein Challenge 2011 Feed the Hungry Campaign. Each year, the foundation donates $1 million to hunger relief efforts. The more money REAP raises, the more the Feinstein Foundation will donate to it. This is the 14th year that REAP has competed in the campaign; the deadline to contribute is April 30.

Cash donations can be sent to REAP, 188 Lonesome Oak Tr., Lynchburg, VA 24504. (434) -332-9585)

The agency also needs: canned fruits, meats and soups; peanut butter; crackers; juice; and cereal. All items must be non-perishable.

Hyland Heights Baptist Church Food Pantry in Rustburg started in the 1970s serving about 10 families a week with food that was stored in a closet in the church. In December 2010 it served more than 980 individuals.

The pantry needs: peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables and fruit, canned soups, meats, cereal, juice, pasta, paper products and diapers. (434) 821-6906.


The Appomattox County Department of Social Services provides several bags of food for clients applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The food is intended to help in emergency situations while they wait for approval of their benefits. It depends entirely on donations.

The pantry needs: cereal, peanut butter, oatmeal, canned fruits, meats and vegetables and powered milk. All items must be nonperishable. (434) 352-7125.


The Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry is a cooperative ministry of nine congregations. The pantry serves clients referred to them by local social service agencies from Lynchburg and the counties of Appomattox, Amherst, Campbell and Bedford.

The pantry needs: peanut butter, jelly, baking mix, syrup, cereal, canned meats, beef stew, canned fruits/vegetables, instant or canned potatoes, spaghetti sauce and noodles. All items must be nonperishable. For a referral, call your local social services department. To donate, contact Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, (434) 384-8441.

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