Want Coupons? Then be sure to enter! Only 8/23

So in light of the Earthquake we had here in VA that was felt in many areas of the East Coast I know everyone is pretty much safe and there seems to be minimal to no damage as of yet but I want to help out some families by giving away 4 packs of $25 worth of coupons.

Must be a US resident and NO you don’t have to be just on the East Coast but you do need to be 18yrs of age.

Simply leave a comment below telling me “What were you doing at time of the 5.9 Earthquake  at 1:51:03 pm EST”

this giveaway is not affiliate with Facebook and is not responsible. Giveaway ends at 10pm EST and winner will be chosen using Random.org and email tonight.

Thanks for being a fan and I hope everyone is safe.

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12 Responses to Want Coupons? Then be sure to enter! Only 8/23

  1. von potter says:

    i was checking out the deals on facebook at the time of the earthquake! ;o)

  2. Mary Fashik says:

    I was coming back from getting my nails done.

  3. Nikki Mansur says:

    I was working from home during the earthquake. I stopped what I was doing & text my brother who is a Marine & stationed at Camp Lejeune to see if he was ok and what was going on. He hasn’t replied yet.

  4. Denise Grant says:

    At the time of the earthquake, I was sitting at my dining room table, cutting coupons, while on the telephone with my daughter, who was one town over in her high rise office building. Also a “strategic shopper” (aka: couponer), we were discussing the recent bounty in smart source when she began to experience the floor jiggling and witnessed pictures banging against the wall. She was terrified and hearing the sirens in the background only added to her fear. I realized later, after many phone calls to assure all our family was safe, I had not halted cutting coupons. :-)

  5. Janine Calvillo says:

    Well first let me say Thank God and I am so glad everyone is OK! Well here in California it was 10:51 and I was actually sitting on my bed trying to organize some coupons, I am new at this so I am trying to come up with a system lol, Thank you very much for all you do:)

  6. Cassondra says:

    I was laying down with my daughter, watching iCarly.

  7. Jennifer Maas says:

    I was playing the cheer contest trying to win some fun stuff. I lost, but still had fun playing. Hope everyone is ok that was dealing with the earthquake.

  8. ashley jackson says:

    I was driving back home from take my husband back to work. I didn’t feel anything thank the lord cuz I would have been really scared I live in Florence sc. My mama lives 5 mins from me and she felt it I’ve been sick so I may have just been dizzy maybe chats y I didn’t feel anything thanks for asking hope everyone is safe and no one was hurt :)

  9. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I was at work and on facebook. It’s a slow work day and I’m due to deliver via csection next Friday, so I’m pretty caught up on everything!!

  10. Alisha says:

    I was on FB checking all the cool coupon links! I’m in West Michigan and it was felt this far! It shook our power grid and nearly powered down our electricity all the way. You know what I mean? The lights and fans all dimmed and slowed and almost went off, but didn’t. So weird! Praying that everyone is okay! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Shayla Nott says:

    During the earthquake I was feeding my 5 and a half week old son. Too bad I had no idea about the earthquake or why my house was shaking until I got on Facebook an hour later. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant surprise!

  12. holly terry says: