TOUCHDOWN BSU! – Win a $10 Coupon on Krazy Qupon Purse

Congrats to Boise State on their second Touchdown of the night.

To enter to get a $10 off Coupon off the Krazy Qupon Purse simply post below your favorite beverage to drink?

Winner will be chosen using at the end of the BSU vs Georgia Game!

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11 Responses to TOUCHDOWN BSU! – Win a $10 Coupon on Krazy Qupon Purse

  1. Kay Ward Walton says:


  2. Daniel Lilley says:

    Chocolate Milk

  3. Sheila Shelton Ritter says:

    Coke and only Coke

  4. lisa says:

    Mmm; fave drink right now is Moscato!

  5. Dianna thomas says:

    Go go go BOISE—–we love you

  6. Dianna thomas says:

    I don’t have a true favorite–just anything refreshing–

  7. Gerri Briggs says:

    Ice cold water with a straw and lots of ice!

  8. Jennifer Sullivan says:

    Coca cola

  9. Stacey I says:

    Wild Cherry Pepsi

  10. Kay Ward Walton says:

    Orange CRUSH!!! (does that count?) :-)

  11. Lorraine Smith says:

    Sprite Zero with a shot of raspberry syrup