The Victoria Chart Company: Review and Giveaway

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The Victoria Chart Company Review and Giveaway

I was honored to be contacted by The Victoria Chart Company to help promote an awesome tool for our kids. As a mother of three small
children I would do just about anything for my children. I would go to the ends of the earth to be sure my kids had the best they needed to be healthy young individuals.

The Victoria Chart Company started over 7 years ago by Victoria
when her son was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and she had an incredibly hard time
communicating to her son. Over the past four years I have to say I have had my
moments where my kids have had a frustrating time communicating and me or my
husband not understanding them. It wasn’t until this past October that our one
son’s preschool teacher suggested we look into early intervention evaluation
because her concerns were with his behavior in class. He was not a trouble
maker by any means he just didn’t participate in class. When asked he would
mumble or stare of into the distance as if he didn’t understand what was being
asked of him. I was a little concerned but over the next couple of months he
was growing in my mind by leaps and bounds and was completely different at home
then he was being described at school. My husband and I decided that we would
go ahead and observe him in his class and sure enough he was quiet and
practically non active. At the end of the school year we were encouraged to
seek evaluation for him as well as his younger brother just incase he also
needed early intervention.

Well after a couple of screenings, evaluations and a few
tests we have started our journey of early intervention of two of our kids.
This brings me to date, I provided by The Victoria Chart Company the Growth
Chart for ages 4 plus. I was a little hesitant to try this with my 4 yr old
because we have tried all kinds of incentive programs to get him to potty
train, to use words, to communicate and every time we have failed.


I’m so pleased to say not this time. The My Growing
Up Chart was designed for 4 years and older but all 3 of my children love
it. They love the stickers, pictures and the ability to pick their rewards when
they get so many stickers. The first day I introduced it to my 4 year old son
and he wasn’t to sure about it. But when my 3 yr old son saw it and that his
brother was getting stickers for the simplest task he too wanted to join in. So
now after two weeks all 3 of my kids are having a blast and have improved in
communicating, following directions and seem to be much happier.

I don’t know if they idea of getting stickers to put on
their chart makes them feel better about themselves but I have noticed that my
kids are all trying new tasks, they are more expressive and they get so excited
about the simplest things. They are much happier and their attention span is
longer. I am excited about these charts and plan to continue to use many more
as my kids grow. They have charts for parents too such as My Credit Card Chart,
New Parent Chart, and Divorce and Separation chart and many more.

The Victoria Chart Company is a wonderful sponsor and has
contributed a $50 Gift Certificate to the Bargain Network Back to School
Giveaway. To enter you must be a US resident and 18 yrs of age. You must “Like”
Moms Saving Money on Facebook and fill out the following entry. For more chances
to win there are additional was to enter. Giveaway will be open July 16th
– August 31st. Winners will be announced within 24 hrs of giveaway
ending and will be notified by email.


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