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Have you joined Superpoints yet? If not you’ll want to scroll to the bottom and snatch an invite to get started. Each on is a one time use only so if you select one and its been taken move to the next one. I’ll be updating them as needed.

What is Superpoints? Its Super easy and fun and its FREE. Who doesn’t like FREE money or prizes. You have several ways of earning pts. You win points by filling out you profile with accurate information, referrels, Spinning your Super Lucky Button, Email Lucky Points, Videos and special offers. Essentially each point is worth 1 penny doesnt seem like much but it does add up! With the help of MSM fans we have raised over $81 to help purchase items to the following Charities.

We first adopted a Christmas Tree Angel child,14yr female teen from Lynchburg, VA who asked for a CD Player. MSM fans helped raise over $22 towards that purchase. Total Value of Gifts to be gift is $45 and pictured below. I am all about using coupons, catalinas and sales to purchase gifts. Total cost below came to $25.15. We will be delivering the gifts on Dec. 16th to the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Child drop off location.


We then adopted a Senior – Julia from The Home Instead Senior Care Christmas Tree. Picture below are items she requested plus more. MSM fans helped raise $24.70 Gift is pictured below, a total value of $30 Total cost was $25. Gift basket was delivered on Dec. 5th to Home Instead Senior Care drop off location.


Then my son brought home a flyer for “Paws for a Cause” to help donate Dog and Cat products to the Campbell County Animal Shelter in Virginia. MSM fans help raised $18. No picture yet as I am still collecting items. So far purchased is a value of $22 worth of Dog Food. We will be dropping off all donations on Tuesday Dec. 20th.

Lastly we joined forces with other blogs and each choose a local Food Pantry. We chose Hyland Heights Baptist Church Food Pantry in Rustburg,VA. MSM fans help raise $17.14 and we donated over a $124 value of Food items and Health and Beauty products. See picture below. With the help of my hubby we dropped of the donation of items on Monday Dec. 12th.

A big huge THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up under Moms Saving Money (Rebecca Autry) on Superpoints. It was easy wasn’t it? You helped me give to others without opening your wallet but donated a portion of your time the past few weeks to spin your Super Lucky Button.

If you are interested in signup with Superpoints you will find current invites below. We will be once a month in 2012 sponsoring a charity were we will be spinning our Super Lucky Buttons to raise funds.

remember if one is already taken move on to the next and if all are taken before I update email me at and I will get you one.

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