Superpoints/Coupons Giveaway 12/25

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Thanks to Madame Deals for the idea.

So are you on Superpoints yet? If not be sure to scroll down for an invite. So this is something new I want to try and it works well to keep for 2012.

Superpoints is super easy to earn cash, gift cards an prizes. So this contest is going to involve you being active on Superpoints. Each time you spin your super lucky button and win today simply comment on this post below with your name and the points you won and time. Be sure to enter a seperate comment for each time you win today.  Winner gets an envelope of 50 coupons and I will promote 2 of your Superpoints codes to help build your team. I have redeemed for over $165 so far and $90 of that has gone to charities such as Christmas Tree Angel Child, Christmas Senior Citizen, Animal Shelter and a Food Pantry. This contest is open until 11:59 pm PSD. Winner will be selected using and announced on Monday 12/26. Winner will be notified by email.

What I like about Superpoints!

Be sure to click on the Super Lucky Button every day. When I first started I would only win 1-5 pts out of 30 clicks but the more I clicked each day the more points I get.

Be sure to fill out your basic information on your profile because it increases your membership and you get more points and more clicks also you can redeem quicker!

The best part about Super Points is that you don’t have to wait 2-4 weeks before getting your prize you redeem for. If you have enough to redeem you can redeem each week on Sundays and get paypal cash by Tuesday evening!

If you use PayPal be sure to have that as your email address with Super Points so you don’t have to change it later. But here is the best part if you redeem for PayPal cash you can expect in your account within one week of redeeming your points. I like it.

So what are you waiting for? Go click on your Super Points Super Lucky Button. If you need an invite email me at or just watch the Facebook page I will post a couple of invites pretty much each day.

How to enter:

Spin your SuperLucky Button and record each time you win by making a comment below with the point value and time you won. Be sure to leave a seperate comment for each which will your chances of winning. If you already spun today check your Superpoint winnings from the Superpoints link next to your point winnings and make a comment for each one you won today.

Next Superpoint/Coupon Contest will be on Wed. 12/28.

Here is a few invites, One per household and you must verify your email address to become a member. If you come to one that has been claimed go to the next one.

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16 Responses to Superpoints/Coupons Giveaway 12/25

  1. jennifer orr says:

    I won 5 points

  2. jennifer orr says:

    i won 2 points

  3. Michelle Deckard says:

    2 points

  4. Michelle Deckard says:

    1 point

  5. Michelle Deckard says:

    1 point again

  6. Michelle Deckard says:

    2 more points

  7. Michelle Deckard says:

    5 points

  8. Michelle Deckard says:

    5 more

  9. Michelle Deckard says:

    I won 2 more points

  10. kekki says:

    1 point

  11. Wendy Pogrant says:

    i won 2 points

  12. Kayla Baity says:

    I won 2 points! :)

  13. Frances Hernandez says:

    I won 0 points today???

  14. Lisa Hurt says:

    2 points

  15. Lisa Hurt says:

    1 point

  16. Lisa Hurt says:

    I can not find the time in my profile. I do know that it was between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am.