Superpoint Coupon Winner 12/21!

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Congrats to #1 Holly S. being the 12/21 Superpoints/Coupon Winner. She has been notified and has won an envelope of 50 coupons and I will promote 2 of her Superpoints Codes to help build her team. Winner was selected using In this case Holly did not win any superpoints on her Super Lucky Button and thats ok there will be days like that but like her leave the comment and it will count. Since this is still new and I am really liking it we will be limiting 2 wins per month per person so you are welcome to enter the 2 times a week but can only win 2 within the month.

Please join us again on Sunday 12/25 for another round of Superpoints/Coupon contest

If you have not yet joined Superpoints you should its an easy way to earn cash and prizes!.

Here is a few invites.
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