Coupon trains are simply a way of exchanging coupons by postal mail. While this is not a new concept and predates the Internet, the Internet has opened up opportunities to better connect savers. This means those “Great Coupons” that aren’t available in your local paper, grocery store, or even mail just may be in someone else’s. That pile of “free” products or coupons you were going to discard may be exactly what someone else is looking for.

Each Train has its specific rules but here are the basics for all the trains. Each train will consist of a conductor/sponsor and two passengers. The Conductor/sponsor will send 40 coupons in an envelope including the mailing list for the coupon train. The conductor/sponsor will mail to the first passenger on the “train route” (mailing list). That person/passenger will take out coupons they want and replace them with other coupons at least 10 or more with an expiration date of 30 days or more. That person/passenger will check off their name and send to the next person/passenger on the route who will do the same. The last person/passenger will send to the conductor/sponsor. Ideally each person/passenger keeps the envelope for no longer than 1-3 days and pull out any expired coupons or soon to expire within 5 days. We want the train to move quickly so we can get new coupons we may need and bless someone else with coupons we don’t need.

You will provide your First and Last Initial and mailing address. You will also be able to check mark whether you are interested in Sponsoring a Coupon Train. To do so you will need 20 – 50 coupons. I will collect information for participants on your sponsored train. You will be listed as Sponsor/Conductor and will receive an email with attached document with mailing list for the coupon train.

Round Robin Rules

A Round Robin Coupon Train will consist of a Salad Bowl Mix of Coupons that can consist of Printable coupons, Store and Manufacture coupons. The Conductor/Sponsor will send 40coupons. In order to be a sponsor for a Round Robin Coupon Train you must have 40 coupons with expiration date more than 30 days away. A Round Robin will start with the Conductor/Sponsor and continue down the train route. Last passenger will mail to the Conductor/Sponsor who will then refresh the coupons and send them on the train route once again. This will continue on for 3 months or 3 cycles whichever comes first. At that time the Train will dismantle. You must be committed to a round robin for 3 months or 3 cycles. Anyone who breaks the Round Robin Cycle without consulting I or the Sponsor will not be allowed to join on any MSM Coupon Trains. Please do not sign up for a Round Robin Train if you know you cannot make a 3 month or 3 cycle commitment.

To Sign up for Round Robin Coupon Train  you must either win on Moms Saving Money Facebook page or be invited. Sign ups occure 2 times a month at random.

If you would like to sponsor a Round Robin Train please email at

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