Simple ways to do a quick Decluttering

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First off if you are reading this then you are in need of a large way to decluttering your home.

Well we are going to give you a few simple steps to get started this is by no means a way to completely decluttering your home.

1. Write out your goals. What is it that you want to accomplish by decluttering your house? It’s important to know why you want to declutter to help you achieve your goal.

2. Start small. Break your overall goal into smaller more achievable goals.

3. Do one room at a time. Break each room into smaller achievable goals such as organizing papers in the kitchen or labeling your cabinets. Write down each thing you want to do. As you accomplish each task mark it off.

4. Leave the more time consuming goals to later. Normally I wouldn’t recommend this but in this case the more, smaller quicker goals you do the really harder ones become much easier.

5. Utilize baskets. To pick up a room of items that don’t belong use baskets one for each room to go thru each night and put everything in them that doesn’t belong so it’s relatively picked up and you can sort in the morning when you clean.

6. Sort into 3 categories. When you start to go through a room take 3 bags or baskets and make 3 categories; Toss, Keep, Sell. Put items in those as needed. When you are done take out the toss pile to the garbage immediately so you don’t have the urge to hold onto it. I’m serious about this you are more likely to hold onto it if you let it sit! Same with the Sell put it in the garage or a closet designated for yard sale items, out of sight out of mind and what you do keep will be much easier to organize and find a place for.

7. Organize in Categories. Once you have what you want to keep organize everything by categories like all shorts together or all Tupperware items go in the same category. Making these categories will help you decipher where to put thing away and be an easier way to find them later.

8. Take a deep breath! You have now gotten some tips on how to declutter pretty quickly so go have a soda or a snack and get started.


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