See who won the Coupon Envelopes!

So here are the winners and there comments. Each one will get an envelope of $25 worth of coupons. Winners were chosen by and will be notified by email

2 – Mary F. I was coming back from getting my nails done

4 – Denise G. At the time of the earthquake, I was sitting at my dining room table, cutting coupons, while on the telephone with my daughter, who was one town over in her high rise office building. Also a “strategic shopper” (aka: couponer), we were discussing the recent bounty in smart source when she began to experience the floor jiggling and witnessed pictures banging against the wall. She was terrified and hearing the sirens in the background only added to her fear. I realized later, after many phone calls to assure all our family was safe, I had not halted cutting coupons. :-)

11 – Shayla N. During the earthquake I was feeding my 5 and a half week old son. Too bad I had no idea about the earthquake or why my house was shaking until I got on Facebook an hour later. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant surprise!

14 – Sophia S. I was taking a nap with my newborn.

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