How to Save Money on Weddings Part 2: Venue

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Saving Money on Weddings/Renewing your Vows Part 2: Venue

I bet you have been dreaming of your wedding since you were
a little girl. It’s ok more than 85% of American women have dreamt of their
wedding day since they were young. So this article is to help you save on
finding a venue for your wedding or if married a place to renew your vows.

- Take time to write a list. It is important to be realistic
as to what you want your wedding to be like so setting the venue is one of the
most important choices you will make for your wedding that sets the stage for
all the other aspects of the wedding. I’m not much for the Disney fairytale
princess wedding but I do like elegant and warmth. Write out a list of places
you would consider having your wedding at regardless if you can afford it or
not. Having this list will help you understand what you can feasibly do and who
knows you might be able to afford that fantasy wedding of your dreams.

-Consider your guests. Not only does the venue need to be
big enough to hold everyone you invite but it also needs to be small enough to
have that intimacy feel you want to create for your special day. Keep in mind
if you are renewing your vows you are likely to have fewer guests than you did
at your wedding. Consider handicapped accessibility and guests health issues.
You want your wedding to be stress and worry free and considering these few
things now may have less hassle later.

-Consider the location. The location will determine how many
guests you can invite and expect to come but also the location may be too far
for many to come. It’s your wedding day but many places are not handicapped accessible.

-Consider the time of the year. The time of year you plan on
having a wedding will also play a major role into deciding your location. Many
brides want to be a June bride but remember June in many places is the hottest
or close to the hottest month of the year so an outside venue may not be the
best. If in the dead of winter a beach wedding would not be the best either. If
you do an outside wedding consider a tent or providing ponchos, umbrellas to
guests just in case it rains. But the better idea is to keep the costs down
select a venue you can minimize these extra possible expenses.

-Ask around about possible venues. When it comes down to it
places will charge you more if they know you are having a wedding then a graduation
party. So it you plan on renting a tent for an outside wedding ask the costs
for a regular rental and have a friend or family member ask for wedding rental
prices. You will be surprised at the price difference. Friends can have great
ideas of places you may not have thought about.

The ultimate cheapest place unless another venue is FREE is
your own home or a friends or parents home. Especially if you are renewing your
vows, why not have a much smaller intimate ceremony at your home? Remember Father of the Bride the wedding was
beautifully done at the Father’s home or even Meet the Parents which was held at a friend’s home.

-Also consider having your Wedding and Reception at the same
place often the rental price is cheaper this way.

As always if you have any suggestions to add please feel
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