How to Save Money on Weddings Part 1: Photography

How to Save Money on Weddings/Renewing Vows.

Here are some tips that I have done or will be doing when my
DH and I renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary.

Part 1- Photography

-In this day in age everyone has a digital camera or cell
phone with a camera. Ask your guests to take pictures of your wedding and have
them upload to a Facebook group or fan page you create. Sure beats having to
pay for a professional also most photo developing places you can now load
pictures directly from Facebook to your account to print off. Also if you wait
for a great sale on picture prints you can score some free or very cheap
prints. Also have them sent to the store and wait the extra hours so you don’t
pay for shipping!

-In case you want some of the more professional looking
pictures ask around your friend you are bound to find one of them or someone
they know who has an SLR camera or its equivalent who will take picture for you
or at an extreme low rate. The average cost for a basic package of wedding
photos costs around $935. Who has that kind of money?

-Start your planning early because often times the
disposable cameras go on sale at Walgreens and Rite-Aid for B1G1 Free and if
you use your Register Rewards or +UP Rewards you can score them even cheaper.

-Also do your research and get a list of possible pictures
you would like. Putting a list together and giving it to your photographer
helps insure you get the pictures you want. Get ideas for those fun pictures.
It is hard to think of posses when you are the bride even when you are renewing
your vows.

-When asking your guests to take pictures place a gentle
reminder on the program and invitation. Also offer an incentive for every
person who loads pictures to your fan page they get an entry to a drawing to
win a $10 Gift Card to a local store.

* Hope this helps save some money and if you have any tips
about photography please post in the comment section.

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