How to Save Money on Weddings Part 3: Cakes

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How to Save Money on Weddings/Renewing Vows.

Part 3 – Cake

- Your cake doesn’t actually have to be a wedding cake. Consider making it yourself or have a friend make it for you. Also consider ordering a sheet cake for about $20 from the nearest grocery store.

- Most brides or family or even guests will not remember what your cake tastes like so why not forgo the traditional cake and get something fun and tasty!

- Live a little and make your own. With coupons you can get several Duncan Donuts or Betty Crocker Cake Mixes for free with the right sales. Butter crème frosting thickens well and molds nicely into shapes.

- If you make your own make sure you practice so the real one comes out really nicely.

- If you do go with a traditional wedding cake consider asking for the window displays which get thrown out anyway. Also check to see the week of if any cancellations have come in, often time you can get the cake for half the original price.

-  Be sure to plan out what kind and what type you want. Collect pictures and make a notebook of them all so you can see a theme arise and helps you be more selective.

*Hope this helps save some money and if you have any tips about Cakes please
post in the comment section or email

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