Recently I had the privilege of reading Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan. I was provided the book by Thomas Nelson throughBooksneeze. The book is a compilation of 150 Hymns and the stories of how they came about and their authors. Each Song includes the sheet music, lyrics and a brief synopsis of the song, its originality and its changes as well as a brief summary of the composers.
Many of the songs are well known and can be heard sung by many churches today as well as other non-well known songs. I found it easier to read about the songs I am familiar with but took longer for the ones I was not familiar with.
If you are a music lover I fully recommend this book. If you attend a church that sings hymns but aren’t so curious as to the background of songs perhaps this book would not be a good fit for your library.
I love to read and am open to reading almost anything and I did fully enjoy this book and I learned a lot about person’s lives. This book is certainly not the norm to my usual reads but a very nice break.
You can order this book from for $13.59.
Have we gotten away from the basics?
Just this morning my husband and I were listening to a Stuff your Mom Never Told YouPodcast by How Stuff Works on Home Economics or now known as Family and Consumer Sciences. This got me reminiscing about by grade school years just as Molly and Christen in the podcast did as well. I never took home economics but instead opted out and took Art and Orchestra. I’m not quite sure what students have to take now but I had a choice during my schooling.
There was a certain stigma at least in my mind that if I took any home economic classes that I would be limiting myself to getting married and having kids after high school. I had other aspirations in mind like going to college. Most of my family is still in my hometown and quite a few of them did get married and have kids right after high school, but as I love to look on their facebook pages – they are happy and adore the their children, husbands and life. There is nothing wrong with their decisions and I have no idea if any of them took home economics classes or not but two things are certain; they know basic fundamentals of life being one and other I left my hometown to go to college and didn’t get married till later.
For some reason I felt I could not succeed by staying in my hometown. Many of my high school classmates have done just that, they are contributing to the community by creating jobs from owning their own businesses and practices. I on the other hand went clear across the country for college, earned my bachelors in 4 years and then worked for that same college to pay for my 1st and 2nd Masters while newly married and starting a family. I recently finished a third Masters and jokingly say when introducing myself “I needed a Master’s for each of my children.”
I say all this to give you a background to discuss the basics of life. See, my mother made it a point to show my siblings and I a couple of things. How to do laundry, how to sew by hand and machine, change a tire, clean just about anything with lemons and lastly how to cook- well being the youngest I did not learn to cook unfortunately, until I got married. If I could redo a part of my life I would go back to my high school years and ask my mother to teach me to cook!
So here’s my point. As I look out my window I see school age children walking to and from school and ponder do any of them know how to cook their own meals if they needed? Do any of them know how to tell which direction they are facing simply by looking the direction the sun is rising or setting? Do any of them really know how to do their own laundry? I sure hope I teach my children these basics.
We are in a time of convenience of Fast Food, microwaves, dishwashers, and the list goes on. All these modern inventions are wonderful but the question still stands have we gotten away from the basics?
Don’t get me wrong I am not discounting anyone who has to work outside the home and doesn’t have the time to teach their kids some simple basics of life. I worked outside the home and by the grace of God I have the privilege for the past few years to be home with my children. A couple years ago when we decided with our second child for me to stay home we would have to cut our budget. We were already struggling and believe me we have a hard our share of bumps along the way but we got serious about paying off debt and not living pay check to pay check. For the past several months we were doing wonderful, not so tight on budget but then like always life happens. Starting last year my mother got really sick and was hospitalized. We had a financial slump during that time and had to start to creatively look at ways to save and pay our debt without incurring more debt. Earlier this year I began to coupon and my thoughts on that is a whole other issue! Then other situations arouse that we were getting even tighter again but not too much which brings us to as of late. We had a death in the family and had to add on a car payment so once again we are feeling the financial strain but through creative ways like couponing, selling our unwanted and unused items and the help of our debtors we will manage without going into the hole of debt. To that we are very thankful.
I want to pause here for a moment. The only reason we have not spent more than $75 in the past few weeks is because we have stopped eating out and making every meal at home, I got serious about couponing and only getting items that are close to free or free and using RR, catalinas, gift cards and ECB’s to pay for items I didn’t have coupons for. It truly is a freeing feeling. We have only done activities as a family that were free including all the festivals we went to for Halloween. I made my own costume that I sewed by hand in 2 hours. I made my daughters fairy wings by hand and my sons costumes were purchased last year when Walmart had them 75% off. I got 4 costumes for $3 and some change last year. We have taken our kids to a Children’s Museum several times in the past weeks that we bought a membership to earlier this year and have gone 12 times over the amount we would have spent if we paid each time. As these past few weeks of virtually not spending anything on groceries I am thankful for the insight I had just a couple of months ago to pay bills ahead of time even though they were due and to stockpile me shelves.
So how does any of this have to do with the Basics of life? All the above mentioned in the last two paragraphs involve basics of knowing how to sew, knowing how to cook, knowing how to do laundry, and knowing how to take care of my family and my children don’t even know that these couple of months are strained but we’ll be back on schedule to pay more debt down in December.
Thank you for reading this and I hope this inspires you. I’d really appreciate if you leave a comment. If you have any questions about couponing and getting virtually free items just email at .

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