My Name is Handel Giveaway 5/14-5/25

Maestro Classics

This giveaway is made possible by Maestro Classics and the Review is done by Colleen owner of Colleen’s Book Nook.   Make your own Water Xylophone!

I am in awe of Colleen. This is awesome and I am excited about the homemade instructions they have you can find on the pinterest site. I have small kids myself and as summer is just around the corner we are looking forward to spending sometime engaging our kids with homemade activities that we all can enjoy and do together.

Did you know that Maestro Classics CD’s have won over 45 national awards?

Did you also know that Maestro Classics has a Kid’s Club?  You can sign your child up for monthly puzzles, games and activities.   Luckily the kids can go online at their site and get the answers to the puzzles and activities.    You and your children can also find how to make lots of homemade instruments on their pinterest site!

So this is how I came to find out about Maestro Classics and the wonderful CD My Name is Handel!    Bonnie from Maestro Classics had originally sent me their CD “The Soldier’s Tale” to review.   It was not to my families liking ( we all felt the story was too dark for us, although I hear it is a smash with jr high and high school boys ) so I shared this with Bonnie.  Bonnie wanted me to hear some of their other stories set to music, so unbeknown to me, Bonnie sent me two wonderful CD’s that our family has loved,  My Name is Handel and Tortoise and the Hare.  And I want YOU to know that Maestro Classics is wonderful to work with and will help make sure you find the right “fit” for your child!

My Name is Handel: The Story of Water Music

I have a 4 yr old grandson and an 11 month old granddaughter and you wouldn’t think that children that young would enjoy the classics but my grandson loves My Name is Handel!  He was brought up as a baby listening to the classics and enjoys them.   The story about Handel is short with lovely & LIVELY music that he LOVES to listen to!  He will ask to have this CD played!   He sits in a trance listening to the story and music.

So if you want to introduce your child, grandchild or anyone to the classics this CD is perfect!

Maestro Classics is giving this fabulous CD,  My Name is Handel, to one of my lucky readers!

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3 Responses to My Name is Handel Giveaway 5/14-5/25

  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    I love the Casey at the bat songs great

  2. Kim Mayfield says:

    The tortoise and the hare would totally be my favorite.

  3. jennifer wexler says:

    casey at the bat

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