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A couple of comments inspired me to write this along
with watching my very first TLC Extreme Couponing Episode thanks to a fan for
posting this link –

I was a little frustrated about the episode I saw so
here is my thoughts on coupon and store etiquette. 1. First never do a
transaction greater than $500 before coupons. I do my best to tell others
behind me that I have coupons and will be awhile but at the same time I want to
be respectful to the cashier and other costumers so I typically will only do a
grocery transaction of no more than $400 but in reality most of my transactions
are about $100 because I only shop the sales or clearance items. It has taken a
long time to understand how my family eats and what we need to stock up on so
now that it has been a year I have a greater understanding of what I need and
how to shop for my family.

2. Secondly never clear the shelves at one time. Even
if they are free items take a maximum of 10 or less depending on the store and
if needed call ahead and order the items. It is not only frustrating to me but
others as well when you go to the store and there are no items left on the
shelf for the items you plan on getting. Also most stores will allow you to get
a rain-check even if the item is still available – simply explain you want to
be a reasonable couponer and respectful to others and not wanting to clear out
the store. If a particular item is out of stock be sure to get a rain-check. I
know they can be time consuming and you have to keep track but if you are
serious about saving money then it will be worth the time.

3. Don’t buy items you will never use. There is an
exception to this – if an item is a money maker by all means buy it but buy
within reason and be sure to either donate the item or have a purpose for it. I’ve
stockpile for almost a year now and those items I will never use I had the
greatest joy to give them to others who will and this helped open up room for
me to store other items I did use.

4. Be willing to share your coupons with others or
even the knowledge you have about coupons with others. The whole reason Moms
Saving Money was started was to help others save money not just by coupons but
by any means. Honestly I wish I had someone show me how using coupons and
saving money can lead to freedom. Within the past year my family has managed to
pay off all our credit card debt as well as done many fun activities with our
family that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. This is a big pet peeve for me
when I see others in the store using coupons and someone asks them a coupon
question and they are in such a hurry they don’t give them resources to look at
or do their own research. I know I get in a hurry at the store but if anyone
asks me about a coupon or a policy I will sure take my time because I really
want to help others save money they don’t need to be spending.

5. Don’t shop with kids unless you have to. The
whole point of me shopping with coupons is so I can enjoy life with my kids
thru activities. One of the episodes I watched one of the featured couponers
had hired a baby sitter to watch her kids while she shopped. I don’t have the
luxury to hire a babysitter nor would I want to pay for someone to watch my
children while I try to save money. If I didn’t have the money to spend on
groceries then I probably don’t have the money to pay someone either. It is
true I can move faster through a store without my kids but I will take them
with me if I have to.

6. Make sure to only get what you will need. It has
been hard to understand how much to get for my family but once you know then
you will not be a hoarder. Be reminded that sales go in three month cycles so
for the majority of items you only need to get a 3-4 month stock.

7. Use your rewards wisely. Be sure to use the
rewards you get from catalina machines wisely. Don’t use it on items you don’t
need. Last year I was able to use most of my register rewards from Walgreens on
Pull-ups, diaper wipes and medicines as well as gifts. I used by Kroger
catalinas on meats and produce which tend to be the highest priced items. I
used my Target gift cards to pay for a large gift for my husband and I and our
children’s school supplies. Please use your rewards wisely and not on junk.

So there you have it. These are the points I felt
were important to express about my thoughts of TLC Extreme Couponing.


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One Response to MSM Thoughts on TLC Extreme Couponing

  1. Jeanette says:

    Thanks for your tips I new to couponing and so far I’m loving it the fist time i saved over 20.00 at the store I was over the moon excited.. Are there any other sites that I can check out for coupons? Any help would be great..