Krazy Qupon Purse

Looking for a way to carry your coupons with style! Melissa from Crafts From The Heart from Virginia has a wonderful selection of “Krazy Qupon Purses/Satchels.” Available now for sale, the coupon binder covers help you protect your coupon binder and stay organized. Each one is equipped with comfortable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry.
Each Krazy Qupon Purse is carefully hand-sewn, using quality fabric and comes fully lined. Each Krazy Qupon Purse begins at $19.98.
Krazy Qupon Purse cover includes Velcro closures and convenient interior pockets for pens/pencils, calculator, coupons and more!
Krazy Qupon Purse covers can be purchased at the June 18th Coupon Class or, ordered online at Covers are ready for shipment within 3 weeks of order. Pay by Paypal or in person if at a coupon class.
If you have any questions about fabric selection or would like to suggest a custom order please contact by email at (subject line: Krazy Qupon Purse).
Moms Saving Money is in no way affiliated with the sale or purchase of the listed Covers and receives no monetary compensation from the sale or purchase of these products listed. Moms Saving Money is happy to share this information with you in support of local or, individual businesses.
Krazy Qupon Cover

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