MSM School Supply Giveaway – Glue Sticks 7/29

7/28 School Supply Giveaway: Glue Stick

Open to US and Canadian residents and you must be 18yrs of age to enter. To enter simply leave a comment below telling me if you prefer glue sticks over regular elmers glue? It depends for me pinata I use regular elmers and use scrapbooking glue sticks for scrapbooking!

Be sure to comment here on the blog for your comment to count. Those left on Facebook will NOT be counted. You have until 11pm EST to comment and winner will be chosen shortly after using and announced. Winner will have 24 hrs to claim their prize.

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MSM School Supply Giveaway – Glue Sticks 7/29 — 16 Comments

  1. I prefer glue sticks because they’re much less likely to leave a mess, particularly when my boys are doing crafts LOL

  2. I totally love glue sticks better….they are way less messy! However you can only make HAND PRINTS with the liquid glue so I love it too!

  3. I prefer glue sticks for most things. I have 3 kids and glue sticks are less messy :)

  4. I prefer Elmers glue but always buy tons of glue sticks to donate to school. Thank you

  5. Glue sticks are still needed for my kids school supply list…thank you for the chance to win!

  6. When I was a kid, I loved regular glue. Cover my hand in it, dry, then peel it all off, lol. Nowadays I like glue sticks, not as messy.

  7. We use both, depends on the project. I prefer for the kids to use glue sticks though since they are less messy and some of their things have been ruined when applying too much Elmers glue and it seeps through and damages the front of their wonderful artwork

  8. I use glue sticks for everything. Love them for scrapbooking and pasting box tops on sheets for my son’s school. Regular glue is too messy :(

  9. I have to say it depends on the project that I am using the glue for. Elmers Glue, seems to be messier, and if applied too think it seeps through the page. Glue sticks works well for scrapbooking, but not for bigger projects. Thanks for the chance to win!!! :)

  10. I prefer glue stickes. It’s easier for my son to use on projects without getting it all over everything else :)

  11. i prefer glue sticks for the kids,but im still old school and like plain old elmers too!