MSM School Supply Giveaway: 70 Sheet Notebook!

7/26 School Supply Giveaway: 70 Sheet Notebook

Open to US and Canadian residents and you must be 18yrs of age to enter.

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me What kind of lists do you make? I make lists for items I want to add to the blog but I also make lists for things I need to do and take care of each week! Be sure to comment here on the blog for your comment to count.

Those left on Facebook will NOT be counted. You have until 11pm EST to comment and winner will be chosen shortly after using and announced. Winner will have 24 hrs to claim their prize.

Thanks for being fans of Moms Saving Money.

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35 Responses to MSM School Supply Giveaway: 70 Sheet Notebook!

  1. christina ferris says:

    I make lists for everything I do.Im all messed up if I dont

  2. Tammy DeRosier says:

    I make lists for just about everything from appts, to shopping lists, to activities my boys are involved in, menu for the week, oh yeah I need to make a list of all my lists for this giveaway.

  3. AUDRA GABBERT says:

    I have to make lists for everything. I make lists at work for all the stuff I need to do and for things I need to make sure gets done. At home I make lists for bills to pay, items I have in my stockpile and items I need to buy (well, coupon). I use post its, notebooks and index cards to help to “Try” and organize my life.

  4. Barbara Blanton says:

    I make list for the stores of the best deals. List on stuff need to do at home & work pretty much everything.

  5. Susan says:

    I make a grocery list!

  6. SHARON DAY says:

    I make coupon matching lists
    and recipe lists.

  7. Katherine B. says:

    I make grocery lists, cleaning lists, honey to do lists, lists for emergency numbers! I make lists for just about everything, it helps me to stay more organized! =)

  8. Shannan Neff says:

    I make lists for jsut about everything: shopping, to do, library books out & when due/returned. Scentsy wish lists for family and customers, gift lists for holidays, sales lists for scentsy, invitation lists for parties….. if it can be made into a list i probably have lol

  9. Tina B. says:

    I make lists for everything! Things to do today, tomm. or next week. Things to get at the store, things I need to mail.

  10. Melissa Christensen says:

    I make list of what to buy with my coupons at the store…I make list of what needs to be done in a day…Without list I would be lost …..LOL

  11. Teresa Doyle says:

    I make list for everything! Grocery lists, Dr. appts, house cleaning, school functions, packing for vacays, bills, etc.. I’m talking EVERYTHING!! :) If it isnt written down, it doesnt get done! lol.. I am one of the most forgetful ppl ever I think. And, of coarse, its getting worse with age!

  12. jamie vanover fischer says:

    I make lists weekly for things that I need to accomplish. These sometime include cleaning, shopping, and errands on different sheets. This time of year I am making lists of things that need to be cleaned out, sizes of the kids, and items that I need to buy for school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Tina Woodson says:

    I make lists for everything. Shopping lists, To-do lists, grocery lists, recipe lists, sale lists, budget lists, “Things I want” lists, packing lists, “Honey to-do” lists, birthday lists (with dates), Christmas lists…etc. Post it notes are my best friends, just to remember the daily stuff :)

  14. micah meaige says:

    I make lists for absolutely everything. I have so many lists. I got my boys doing it, and my husband. Household stuff, kids chores, grocery, to do’s, bills to be paid, you name it, it has a list.

  15. Mary Graziano says:

    I make lists for groceries, things I need to do.

  16. Elizabeth Harrell says:

    Ok, so I am a little OCD when it comes to list making. We have menus that are in list, grocery list, list for the budget by week, list for the total amount of each account due including account numbers, addresses, and due dates. We also have list for clothes the kids need, including size, price and where to buy them. All of my shopping trips have list with where, how many and how much for each store. Even the kids school schedule is in a list. I know what books I bought where, for which child and how much each cost. All of their grades are in list form. So, I think I even have a list for my list somewhere. My life is total chaos without my LIST!!!

  17. lyne mbong says:

    I make list of all the savings that I can use my coupons on each week and what stores I need to go to.

  18. Aubury Landers says:

    for one of the boys school things

  19. Carly says:

    I make grocery lists, daily to-do lists, and packing lists. I make TONS of lists :)

  20. Angel says:

    I make lists for everything! Groceries, sale items, things to do around the house, honey-do lists, everything! I am always in need of a new notebook!

  21. donna peters switzer says:

    I make shopping lists, lists that show what I.m buying if there is a coupon and what store I am going to buy it at. Also, lists of the children’s activites, dates and times. Also, the household budget

  22. carmen york says:

    I make a list for almost everything, with four kids I have to have a list for `grocery shopping, `clothing shopping, `groceries,`school,` laundry lol ( like must wash uniforms today) post office etc.

  23. tiffany wahle says:

    I make lists of what i need to get done for the day, grocery lists, bill lists…

  24. Brenda S. says:

    I make list for things I need to do, I make list for things we need in the house, and grocery list. I am always making list, that’s how I stay organized.

  25. Susan Brown says:

    I make lists for absolutely everything! If I don’t write it down, it gets forgotten. We go through so much paper in my house.

  26. Misty Bishop says:

    I make a list for everything. What to do for the day, shopping…
    When we go on trips I have multiple lists..
    Lists are my savior

  27. Stacey I says:

    I make lists for everything! If not I will forget something!! =) Grocery list, packing list for vacay, wish lists, cleaning list, the lists go on and on….

  28. Shelia Moore says:

    I am also a lister!! I make lists for everything!! Shopping (each store) and chores (daily) per kid, and to do’s for all!! My kids will grow to hate paper!! lol…

  29. melissa aparicio says:

    I make a list on Sundays for what needs to get done for the week . With part time college, my sons activities,.and working full time, I would go bonkers without a list ;)

  30. Jenny Holman says:

    If I dont have a list of things to do each day my life is hectic!

  31. Samantha Hill says:

    I make lists for everything from big to small! Lol. I start with a week list, then break the bigger things down to the smaller, daily lists!

  32. Annie says:

    I mostly make grocery lists, but I also make chore lists for my 5 year old.

  33. jaime vogt putnam says:

    i make lists for what needs to b done around the house, for grocerys along with a list of coupons for each store that i need. Thanks for the giveaways that you do..

  34. Nancy Jo Whitmore says:

    all kinds of shopping lists and chores around the house

  35. Shannon Alexander says:

    I make shopping lists