MSM School Giveaway 7/28: Pencil Sharpener

7/28 School Supply Giveaway: Pencil Sharpener

Open to US and Canadian residents and you must be 18yrs of age to enter. To enter simply leave a comment below telling me if you still use a No. 2 pencil or do you use mechanical pencils or none at all? I typically use mechanical pencils myself but I prefer a pen!

Be sure to comment here on the blog for your comment to count. Those left on Facebook will NOT be counted. You have until 7pm EST to comment and winner will be chosen shortly after using and announced. Winner will have 24 hrs to claim their prize.

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53 Responses to MSM School Giveaway 7/28: Pencil Sharpener

  1. Sherra Shearer says:

    I use a combination of both, but mostly the regular #2 yellow pencils. I bear down too hard to write with most mechanical pencils.

  2. Candace Marley says:

    My kids prefer to use the mechanical pencils, but I still use the old fashioned ones that you gotta sharpen for marking on my craft patterns. I guess there still a little old-fashioned in me…I just prefer them.

  3. carla hoffman says:

    Yes I still use no.2 pencil, infact the are great to have around the house for times my husband is making repair’s and need’s to mark a spot.

  4. Dawn Ehrenstrasser says:

    I typically use a mechanical pencil because I can never find the pencil sharpener or the cheap ones I buy break the lead in the pencils before they get sharp enough to use! It would be nice to have a good sharpener!

  5. Nichole Garzone says:

    I still use the #2 pencils. I do not like the mechanical pencils.. They are the BEST pencils to use…
    Thank you

  6. wendy says:

    I use both types of pencils. I am a teacher and I buy this type of sharpener for my classes to use. the electric ones tend to wear out whereas these keep working! I can put these at each table for my kids to use as needed.

  7. Barbara Forde says:

    I use #2 Pencils :-) Have to to help my daughter do her homework.

  8. Sharlene Morani says:

    I personally rarely use pencils anymore but on the rare occasion that I do, it is usually a No. 2 pencil. I don’t really have a preference but my daughter loves to sharpen pencils so that is what we buy!!

  9. Gwen says:

    #2′s. :)

  10. tina says:

    i use it for my son when he needs one sharpened for school work!

  11. Lauren says:

    I’m a pen person myself, but I give a pencils to the kids if they want to write. Far easier to wipe off a stray mark on a table than a pen.

  12. christina ferris says:

    Thank you for all that you do:)

  13. Jen L says:

    I still use the #2 pencils. Works better for me :)

  14. Tracy says:

    I only use #2 pencils…would love to have a sharpener!

  15. jessica lardeo says:

    I use regular pencils, i think they write better

  16. angela moore says:

    #2 all the way! Mechanical always go way too fast.

  17. Georgia says:

    I use #2 pencils, just like ‘em better! :)

  18. Amy Miller says:

    A pencil sharpener would be awesome to get as a prize because it is less I have to spend on my children’s school supplies. Thank you for doing the school supply giveaway!

  19. Melissa says:

    I like to us #2 pencils myself!

  20. Heather says:

    I would love to win it. The more school supplies I win the less I have to buy =)

  21. Dara says:

    Sometimes I use #2 pencils and sometimes I use mechanical. It just depends on what I am doing!

  22. Janie Thomas says:

    I use #2 pencils, but my children like the mechanical ones as does hubby….

  23. Lori says:

    We so need this in our house! We always have tons of pencils but they are never sharpened!

  24. Kim Harig says:

    I use #2 because the mechanical lead breaks easily.

  25. Jaymi Montgomery says:

    most often I use a pen, but when I use a pencil, I would MUCH rather use a *real* pencil!!! We would put a pencil sharpener to good use at our house! :) Thanks!!!

  26. Stephanie England says:

    I have 4 kids in school…so doing homework without a sharpened pencil doesn’t work very well lol!Thank you

  27. Lucinda Pringle says:

    My son still uses #2 pencils.

  28. melissa kreiser says:

    i use a No2 pencil a lot when im doin my sketches and drawings

  29. JAVETA ACKER says:

    i use no.2 pencil. i appreciate your giveaways no matter what they always looking for a sharpener for the kids homework ,can never seem to find one when i need it!

  30. Mary Allison says:

    My granddaughter loves to sharpen pencils, I think sometimes she breaks the point off just so she can sharpen again.

  31. Aubury Landers says:

    I use #2 pencil still I love the way they write.

  32. tara healey says:

    we use #2 pencils …So we need a pencil sharpener :)

  33. Debbie Morrical says:

    I do not have a pencil sharper The Grandkids are always need one

  34. Altaira McCarrell says:

    I prefer pens, but my son likes mechanical pencils to use at school. :-)

  35. Debbie Morrical says:

    I always need a pencil sharper For my grandkids they are in school now THANK YOU

  36. Annie says:

    I use mechanical myself, but my daughter uses #2 and we are ALWAYS looking for a sharpener.

  37. Elizabeth Harrell says:

    Our son uses #2 pencils for homeschool, we do have so mechanical , but many many more #2. There is nothing like a good pencil, springs don’t fly across the room and he does not run out of lead nearly as quick. He would really love a new sharpener for school this year!

  38. Kimberly Anderson says:

    We all still use #2 pencils in our house and love them!

  39. Maureen English says:

    I like to use regular pencils because the lead always breaks on the mechanical ones. I still have one child who still uses pencils in school – they don’t want mechanical pencils. Could always use a pencil sharpener. Thanks!

  40. Kristy Wilson says:

    With 2 kids in the house, we have an abundance of regular #2-type pencils, so that’s what we use!
    Oh, and we could always use more sharpeners!

  41. June Soliday says:

    Use #2 pencils

  42. Darlene K. says:

    can always use another pencil sharpener

  43. kellie terwin says:

    i use mechanical

  44. Maryann Drapkin says:

    I still use #2 pencils. So I need a sharpener!

  45. Kim Tomlin says:

    I still use #2 pencils to do word search puzzles but I buy mechanical pencils for my 8th & 10th graders. My 10th grader (my almost 15 yr. old daughter) is allergic to something in wooden pencils so she has to use mechanical pencils.

  46. Edy Luttrell says:


  47. Kriss says:

    I have three kids. Two of them prefer regular #2 pencils & LOVE to use the sharpeners but there is one that loves mechanical. Crazy, but whatever gets them to do their homework. :)

  48. lynn botos says:

    no.2 last longer so yes i use those!

  49. Paula DeWitt says:

    I use mechanical pencils but my son uses #2 pencils as he cannot hold the mechanical pencils correctly to write. He gets easily frustrated! – Thank you for this giveaway!

  50. Kelly says:

    we use regular ( my preference) and my one daughter uses mechanical

  51. dawn thomas says:

    I use the #2′s all the time. Still the best!

  52. Amanda says:

    I use “old school” pencils around the house but mechanical pencils when I’m out and about. That way if the lead breaks I can just advance the lead and don’t have to carry a sharpener!

  53. Rikki Jones says:

    I use whatever I can get my hands on :) My daughter uses pencils for school work.