Moms Saving Money raises Money for local Animal Control

I am all about helping others save money and while doing so I can pass on the blessing of savings.

I need your help with this new endeavor. If you have signed up under me Rebecca Autry on Superpoints all you need to do is spin your Super Lucky Button daily between Tuesday Nov. 29th and Dec. 3rd all raised will go toward purchasing items on the Campbell County Animal Control Wish List along with the use of Coupons so we can get more for our money and donate as much as we can. My son’s elementary school is using this as a way to teach students a way to express CARING, RESPONSIBILITY, and CITIZENSHIP.  The project name is “Paws for a Cause”

When we moved in April of 2011 to our current home we were presented with possibly adopting a medium sized dog who needed a new home. The owner was looking for a new home because we learned Virginia does not have very many non kill shelters. After much consideration and not wanting for this dog to be sent to a shelter where she may not get a new home, we became proud owners of a dog.

Her name is Bailey and has been a great addition to our family. So with that said we the Moms Saving Money family want to continue the blessing of having a dog and offering her a loving family by helping other dogs and cats to have the same blessing.

All purchases and donations need to be turned in by Dec. 20th. So we will be spinning the Super Lucky Button to help purchase items. If you would like to contribute coupons to be used here is the following we are looking for.

Here is the wish list we were provided by Campbell County.

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