Moms Saving Money *Extreme Couponing* Exposed

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Lol, I got you to look!

Ok so I do have a sizeable Health and Beauty Stockpile but I am hoping it lasts around 6 months. I am a family of five and we live on one income so money is tight anyway but I have learned from couponing that I need to stock-up on items at their lowest price, that way we can become debt free and afford other items we normally would not be able to if I was paying full price or even sale price. Coupon use is a must for my family and has given us the freedom to help others. In the pictures below is what I currently have but that is not what I completely bought. A good portion was given away in the $10 Coupon Challenge a couple of months ago. I’ve also donated its to my son’s school as well a given to friends and family. If you attend a Moms Saving Money Coupon class you will be sure to get a tube of toothpaste as well as other great freebies I give out which does come from my stockpile! What you see pictured may have cost me around $50 with 202 items, but its is definitely worth over $500 or so. So this is my extreme couponing!

Most of these items were bought at Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. I do not believe in shelf clearing and nor did I do any shelf clearing when buying these items. I did abide by 4 “like” coupons/items per transaction.

I really wished someone would have taught me the value of couponing alot sooner. I did learn to really maximize my savings with coupons and store sales on my own which brought me to where we are now. I enjoy helping others save money even if its just a dollar or two.

There is no reason why anyone should pay full price for items when there is a coupon available. I really hope you all enjoy reading my posts and learn a thing or two about saving money.



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One Response to Moms Saving Money *Extreme Couponing* Exposed

  1. Brooke Millett says:

    I love seeing people be able to save like this. I live 45 minutes to the closest shopping store which is Wal-mart or Fresh Market. I have a really hard time being able to take advantage of the coupons like most people. It makes me sad to know that their are ways out there, but living so far away has so many disadvantages. I think it’s great that you are willing to help share family, friends, and with the school.