Moms Saving Money 2011 New Year’s Resolutions – Update

Moms Saving Money 2011 New Year’s Resolutions – Update

Have you accomplished any or still working on them? Here is what Moms Saving Money has done so far.

1. Clip my coupons to go back to the binder method. Organize them by the store (Kroger) layout. – not yet!

2. Use my reusable bag s everytime when I go shopping. – Still working on that one

3. Plan out a menu at least a week or two in advance. – Still working on it.

4. Provide a virtual Coupon Class sometime in 2011. – May happen in June!

5. In 2010 I saved close to 6,000 this year I want to save 8,000. – I’m pretty close but we’ll have to see!

6. Have a Huge Cash giveaway on 7/21 1 Year Anniversary of MSM and offer giveaways every couple of weeks. – Almost around the corner and it looks like a huge possibility.

7. Add more contributors to do a wide variety of Store coupon matchups to help you all out regardless of your region. I want to help you save so you can do other things like pay debt off. – Bargain Network to date is 28 members!

8. This one is personal but our family wants to be credit card debt free this year before we get a cell phone and take a wonderful vacation. – Yup it happened!

9. Reach 500 fans on Facebook by 1/11 1:11pm EST. – Done

10. Reach 1011 fans on Facebook by 10/11 10:11pm EST. – Done

11. Reach 2011 fans on Facebook by 11/11 11:11 pm EST. - Done

I hope you join me on my journey this year and hope you check in on me as we try to accomplish each one. Feel free to email me anytime with questions or even a hello [email protected]

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