Krazy Qupon Purse/Fully Loaded Coupon Binder: Review and Giveaway

Krazy Qupon Purse and Fully Loaded Coupon Binder

Crafts From The Heart has more than 30 yrs of experience in Crafts selling their handmade items all over the US.
Crafts From The Heart is a big believer in making unique crafts so no two items will be exactly the same. I was fortunate to have a Moms Saving Money Krazy Qupon Purse Cover specifically made for me in the logo colors. I did make my own logo and attached it myself to the cover. Though I am not the best at sewing I think I did a pretty good job!

Crafts From The Heart is sponsoring a gift certificate of $23.23 for winner to choose their own Krazy Qupon Purse Cover and a 2 inch Fully Loaded Coupon Binder including coupons, scissors, notepad, and pens.

Each Krazy Qupon Purse Cover fits 2-3 inch Standard Binders or 2 in D-Ring Binders. Shoulder straps are padded and inside both flaps are pockets to hold scissors and pens.


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