July Stock-up Items!

July stock-up list.
These are the items you will see at their lowest price of the year and high value coupons to accompany them.

Your prices may vary and this is just a guideline.




Potato Chips


Baked Beans – $.75 buy price; $.50 Stock-up Price

Salad Dressing – $.75 buy price; $.25 Stock-up Price


-Ketchup – $.50 buy Price for 64oz; $.25 or FREE Stock-up Price

-Mustard – $.75 buy price; Free Stock-up Price

-Mayo – $1.25 buy price; $.75 Stock-up Price

-A1 Steak Sauce – $1.99 buy price; $.99 Stock-up Price

-BBQ Sauce – $.50 buy price; FREE Stock-up Price

-Tabasco Sauce $.75 buy price; $.25 Stock-up Price


Hotdogs - $.99 buy Price for 8pk; $.49 stock-up price

Hamburger 93% Lean Ground Beef $2.25/lb

80% Ground Beef $1.79/lb

Ground Chuck $1.99/lb



















-Green Onions

-Green Peppers

-Lima Beans






-Green Beans


Non-Food Items


Paper Plates


Plastic Utensils



Back to School Supplies

*Suggested stores will be in () this is based on 2010 Store Sales for the months of June, July, August

Backpack $9 Buy Price (Walgreens); $3.99 Stock-up Price (Target, K-mart, Wal-mart)

Basic Pens 10 ct $1 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (Office Max, Walgreens)

Color Pencils 12pk $1 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (K-mart, Target, Wal-mart)

Composition Books $.50 Buy Price (Target); $.20 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Walgreens)

Crayola Paints $1.50 Buy Price (Walgreens); $1 Stock-up Price (Target, Wal-mart)

Crayola Crayons 24pk $.50 Buy Price (K-mart); $.25 Stock-up Price (Target, Wal-mart)

Crayola Markers 10pk $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Kmart, Wal-mart, Target)

Dry Erase Markers 4pk $2.50 Buy Price; $.2 Stock-up Price

Elmer’s Glue $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target, K-mart)

Envelopes $.69 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (Walgreens, Staples)

Erasers $1/5 Buy Price; $.15 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Filler Paper 130 sheets $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Walgreens, Target, Staples,

Glue Sticks 3pk $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target, K-mart)

Highlighters 6pk $1.50 Buy Price; $.99 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Hard Plastic Pencil Box $1 Buy Price (Anywhere); $.50 Stock-up Price (Target, Walgreens)

Kid Scissors $.50 Buy Price (Target); $.20 Stock-up Price (Office Max)

Liquid White-Out $1.50 Buy Price; $.59 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Lunch bag $12 Buy Price; $7.99 Stock-up Price (Target, K-mart)

Pencils Yellow 10pk $.33 Buy Price; $.15 Stock-up Price (Kmart, Walgreens)

Pencil Sharpeners $.39 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.25 Stock-up Price (Office Max)

Posterboard 3/$1 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.25 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Ruler $.25 Buy Price (K-mart); $.09 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Sheet Protectors 10pk $1 Buy Price; $.29 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Tabbed Dividers $.75 Buy Price; $.39 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

2 Pocket Folders $.09 Buy Price (Office Depot, Wal-mart); $.01 Stock-up Price (Staples)

3 Ring Binder 1 in. $1 Buy Price (Target, Walmart); $.39 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

1 Subject Notebook $.25 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.10 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target)

5 Subject Notebook $2 Buy Price; $1.49 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Disclaimer: These prices are mere guidelines and are based on 2010 MSM receipts, sales and
help from Ruth of Shopping Tips and Tricks.

Thanks to Joannie from Pays2Save for this advice – A bit of advice for the bloggers out there! Please email the person if you would like to use some or all of a post that they do. It’s their work and its copyrighted. Thank you!


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