Is Mold on Parmesan Bad for You? Check to see!

So I was making Spaghetti for dinner tonight and it took me an hour or so becuase like always I wait till the last minute to defrost.

So we sat down andI pulled out the Fresh Parmesan cheese and springled the kids plates well it wasnt so much fresh it was moldy! EEK is right. As I was scraping it off the kids plate the hubby went to look it up real quick and says,

“Mold on Parmesan is ok, As long as you don’t eat it!” well we scrapped it off and because I only made enough to feed everyone a healthy portion it wasnt like we could just start all over. So we ate it and if I come up sick tomorrow then you all know why! We dont have the money to order pizza which probably would have been our option.

So now you know Parmesan with mold is ok as long as you dont eat it!!!!

The photo is from My big fat eats. Infortunately I did not take a picture of our dinner tonight.



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