I need your help. Help be a blessing to a friend and their family.

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I need your help. Help be a blessing to a friend and their family.

Recently a friend of mine whom I’ve known for around 9 yrs now lost a daughter to a tragic car accident.

She was only 17. In lieu of flowers they have set up a memorial fund to pay for services in my town and a memorial service in Memphis.  The family has touched so many lives in our town. I am in a College town so not only does my friend work at a prominent college here he is also a pastor and school board member.

I can’t imagine how it feels to lose a child but I can’t imagine a more fitting way to honor her life by sharing her life with family in Memphis and here in Lynchburg, VA. Lets be a blessing together.

Here is where I need your help. From right now Thursday afternoon till Monday morning 1am EST Jan. 16th I will donate everything from Superpoints plus I will match whatever is made. So if you have signed up under me Rebecca Autry all I ask is that you spin your Super Lucky Button. So far as right now 5:42 pm We are at 24 cents but I hope we can get up to $15 and I will match that and it will become $30 to be given to the memorial fund. This is absolutely FREE to you and only takes your time. So please share this story I would love to help as much as we all can.

If you have not signed up under me and feel compelled to contribute you can send donations to the address below or you can recruit friends to signup under me and they too can spin to help raise money- simply have them email me at Subject: I want a Superpoints invite.

The memorial fund page is open and you can view it here on facebook.

Please contribute to the Stacia Anderson Memorial Fund Contributions should be mailed to: Select Bank P.O. Box 4620 Lynchburg, VA 24502


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