How to save on Weddings/Renewing Vows Part 6: Programs

Yes this is still one small cost of the whole wedding but
you can still save a few bucks by being creative. Programs can be very simple.

If you don’t have to worry about cost then go ahead and
order from a wedding program site but do make sure you have everything spelled
correctly or it can get costly for reprints.

Only order enough that you know you will need. Order the
amount of guests confirmed plus ten. Not everyone who confirms attendance will
show up but you will have a few who come who didn’t RSVP and you want to make
sure you have some for your scrapbook or wedding album. You will also want some
for those guests who are unable to make it that are dear to you like
grandparents, etc.

One way to have nice programs but not costing too much
consider getting programs from Michael’s or AC Moore’s and printing them
yourself or taking them over to Walgreens or Wal-mart and having them printed.
Be sure to shop around for the best print per copy price.

Be sure to start early and plan, plan, plan so you won’t
stress out later.

Hope this helps giving you some suggestions on how to save
some money.

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