How to have a Themed Party for cheap!

Part 1 of a mini series.

1. Pick a theme.

2. Decide what you want to accomplish with this theme party.

3. Make a list of all the items you know you will need and want.

4. Look around at Dollar Stores and Big Lots first. They tend to have a wide variety for cheap.

5. Look for clearance items.

6. Plan ahead and shop throughout the year.

7. Price check items. Not all stores carry the same products and if they do the prices may vary.

8. Use your imagination and make homemade decorations, invites and thank you cards.

9. Utilize the internet for ideas.

10. Check Amazon and Ebay for Lots of the theme you are looking for, but be sure to take into account for shipping.

11. Designate a bag or area to store your items as you get them.

12. Make sure you have the basics; scissors, tape, glue

13. Utilize what you have.

14. Be on a lookout when you are at yard sales. You never know what you might find.

15. Shop around your house. If you are like me I save everything I don’t use from previous theme parties and I typically will use them soon.

16. Use coupons for candies and filler items if you have favor bags and/or do a piñata.

17. Make your own cake and homemade ice cream. For store bought call around 3-4 weeks ahead of time to find the cake you want. Some stores offer coupons on certain pickup days.

18. If you plan on having multiple parties over the following years invest in items such as punch bowl and serving ladel. Serving dishes and utensils.

19. Make a tentative schedule of how you want your party to run. This will help you decide how to decorate and where to locate gifts, snacks, piñata and favor bags.

20. Decide on any games appropriate for the party.

21. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with decorating or ideas.

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