How to get Cheap Diapers

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Ok I am a semi loyal fan to Huggies but here are ways to get cheap diapers.
Wal-mart typically has the cheapest diapers on anyone when there is no sale so if you’re desperate and can’t wait for a sale go to Wal-mart if you have one.
Secondly or most importantly sign-up for Huggies and Pampers reward programs even if you don’t use those brands. They will send you coupons and you can print coupons from their sites. Mostly you can use the free codes posted here on MSM or other blogs like Freebies4Mom who posts quite frequently. Add these codes to your account and eventually you will have enough to earn coupons and free diapers. So it’s very important if you are a first time expecting mom to do this now because who knows you may get enough to get a free bag of diapers before the little one is born. Even if you are not having children yet start collecting those points, same goes for you grandparents collect them for your grandchildren to be.
If you know of others who buy these brands but don’t use the codes ask for them.
Ok now for sales. The best place to find diapers cheaply is through Amazon but you need to be sure you are factoring in the shipping. You can always sign-up for Amazon Mom but be careful you read all the terms and agreement.
I typically can’t wait for a shipment of diapers to come in so the next best thing is to wait for sales. The lowest price for a sale for both Huggies and Pampers is $6.99 for the Jumbo packs. Stack these with manufacture coupons from Sunday inserts or with store coupons if they have them. Walgreens does a great job of having these available every other month.
There are printable coupons you can get from their sites 2 once a month so be sure to check the sites each month to print yours off. will have Huggies coupons every so often so keep checking back every week.
Now here is how I spend less then $2 if I can help it on a bag of diapers. If I know a Sunday Insert will have Huggies coupons in them I will buy 4 papers that week. I also get coupons from my neighbors – I went and asked for them so now they put them in my mail box for me on Sunday nights. I try to roll my Register Rewards, ECB’s and Catalinas each week if possible to help lower my costs for diapers. Here is what I mean. Typically I have a $2 off coupon for diapers and I wait for the sale to be $8.99 so my cost will now be $6.99 but I try use my RR, ECB’s or catalinas to lower it as much as I can. Some stores like CVS, Walgreens and Kroger has a policy you must have the same amount of items as coupons or more so this get tricky when you are trying to use them with RR, ECB’s and Catalinas. Anyway I typically use about $5 either in RR, ECB’s or Catalinas depending on the store I am shopping at. So my final cost is about $2 or sometimes less. Back to the 4 inserts with coupons I try to make 4 transactions those weeks just for the diapers so I stock up but I haven’t been able to stay ahead since I have two kids trying to potty train at the same time!

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