Homemade Christmas decorations without the high cost

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Homemade Christmas decorations without the high cost

Note: Most of the projects require a hot glue gun or you can
use Krazy Glue, decorative string or solid color string to make items into
ornaments, holly leaves and ribbon.

1. Add to the Christmas Bulbs. We all have Christmas bulbs
to place on our tree so let’s spruce them up and make them look newer. Over the
past 2 yrs I have replaced all my glass bulbs to shatter free. I like them
because they shatter less and scratch less.
So first to spruce them up replace the traditional metal hooks with
decorative string that matches or you can use a solid color as well. Secondly
add a few holy leaves and a bow to the neck of the bulb and now you have a new
spruced up Christmas tree bulb. You can find them at the dollar tree or even
thrift stores.

2. Reuse Pine Cones. If you have a pinecone tree you can add
fake holy leaves and a ribbon bow. Glue a decorative string to the top to be
able to hang on your tree. Makes a fake Christmas tree smell fresh and real!

3. Decorate your yard. Take two red old pool noodles and
take white ribbon and wrap them like candy canes. Take fishing wire and tie on
end about an inch up into the noodle and curve it to look like a candy cane and
tie it to the other side. Do the same to the other pool noodle and put them
crisscross and make a huge bow to put on the front. What a great cheap outdoor decoration.

4. Make your garland into a wreath. If you have garland that
you put on your stair rails consider making them into wreaths. Add some bows
and other festive additions to the garland and hang from your front door or
make it a focal point on a main wall or above your fireplace.

5. Spruce up your wreaths. Add fabric bows or pinecones or
holy berries to them.

6. Spruce up Christmas Bells. Add a bow and some decorative
string and hang on your tree.

7. Use old baskets as center pieces. Have an old basket
laying around? Consider spray painting it if its not in the best shape. Fill it
with Christmas tree bulbs. Add a bow to two sides and it makes a great
centerpiece for a table or mantle.

8. Sachet. Take old dollies, hanker chief or wide ribbon and
place potpourri in it you can find them at the dollar tree for a $1 and sew the
top up add some ribbon and some holly leaves and you have a great smelling

9. Pipe cleaner ornaments. Take gold or silver pipe cleaners
and bend them into shapes you desire such as stars, hearts or angels. Add some
string to make into ornaments and add a bow in Christmas color. Be creative.

10. Hand mitt ornaments. Take last years mitts or gloves and
add some stuffing. Sew the top add some holly leaves and a bow and a string to
make into an ornament.

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