Have you Watched Switched at Birth?

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Over the past few days I have been watching Switched at Birth and I can somewhat relate to the mothers in the show.

Let me be clear none of my kids have been switched at birth nor do I know anyone who has had a child switched.

However sometime I can relate to the mothers in the show because my family is mixed. My husband is very light skinned and I am well semi dark. So its interesting to see how each of our children resemble the two of us.

My first son is dark like me but tall thin like my hubby. My middle child is short and stocky like me but lighter then me and darker than my hubby. My little princess is very light like my hubby, she is short but not stocky or skinny. She has blonde hair and blue eyes like my hubby.

So how can I relate to the mothers on the show Switched at Birth? If you see me and my little princess you may think she is not my daughter. She has my facial and body features but hair, eye and skin color resemble my hubby.

I have been asked a few times if she is really mine and YES she really is mine! So if you see me out and about and my little princess is with me be kind and don’t ask me if she is mine just assume she is! Sometimes it does hurt when being asked.

It is 2012 and whether you agree with interracial marriages or not, I am happy with my family and more in love with my hubby now then the day we married and I would not trade my kids for anything. They may drive me crazy but they are mine.

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