Have you started earning Swagbucks yet?

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Have you started earning Swagbucks yet?
Like other reward programs I was a little hesitant to sign up. I thought there would be a catch like buy so many things so you can get an x amount of points. Unlike most online reward programs Swagbucks is completely free and with minimal work you can earn enough points to get gift cards and other prizes.
You simply sign-up with your name, choose a screen name and you do have to enter your address so they can send your gifts you’ve earned. It’s completely free and you’ll never have to buy anything.
I started last March and since then I have earned over 18 $5 Amazon gift cards in which I used for books, Christmas gifts and other things. The ONLY catch is you only earn corresponding with the time you put into searching, doing the daily polls, surveys, watching SBTV videos or finding the active codes.
I do the daily poll, and search 3 times a day and get about 30-50 Swagbucks a day but of course the days I do not search or do the polls I don’t earn anything. You can install the toolbar, Swidget if you have a site, and print and redeem from Swagbucks coupons.com and earn Swagbucks.
I have been completely impress with Swagbucks. So are you ready to sign up and start earning!
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