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So my son gets so excited lately about county by 10’s and if you know anything about our family then you know one year ago he did not have the ability to even count to 3 even though we count to 3 every day for bath time and punishments.

My son has delays and has really grown and learned by leaps this year. He is currently a kindergartener and we are faced with deciding whether to keep him back for a year or place him in 1st grade this Fall. We as parents are determined to help him continue learning throughout the summer.

He wouldn’t understand why he wouldn’t be able to go to 1st grade next year. He is a young kindergartener but one ways we hope to continue to help him is by using programs made for his age like the activities on Molly Moccasins.

My son was getting very upset at me as I was trying to help him see all the different types of games and activities Molly Moccasins had to offer. Hi favorite was the number drawings where you have to click on the numbers in order to draw and reveal the picture as you can see in this photo.

There are songs and word activities. If you ask my son how to say a certain word printed in front of him he will tell you he can’t read but if you leave him alone he will try sounding it out. So as I was attending to my other two kids I heard him try to sound out the words. The great thing is there are levels of difficulty so we could adjust to where he is.

I really liked the activities because it really helped my son get excited, only bad part is he wants to overtake my laptop every day after school so he can play his games from MollyMoccasins.com.

Regardless of the level your child is at this is a great program to have and is available on ipad and availavble in the Apple’s ebook store.

Molly Moccasins has a no-advertising policy and stories can be purchased for as low as $0.99 each or a lifetime membership, all access pass – great for gift giving and curing a case of cabin fever this winter – can be purchased for $29.99.

This app was provided by Molly Mocassin Publicity, but the thought and pictures are of my own. Nothing posted was determined by the company except for the stats of purchase and where to purshase.

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