Happy 2nd Birthday to MSM Daughter


Thanks for being a fan of Moms Saving Money.

Today is my Daughter’s 2nd birthday and in honor of her birthday I want to put everyone who will make a video wishing her a happy birthday a spot on a coupon train. These Trains will go out on Monday and are round robins which consist of 3 rotations.

The most creative video will be selected by none other, My little Princess. This video selected will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Gift Card will be awarded on Sunday June 12th. You have until 9pm EST to post a video on Facebook under this post. As a fan you will also be able to vote for the most creative video and this winner will recieve a brand new crispy $1 in cash and will be sent on Monday June 13th. You vote by “like” the video and you can vote more than once.

Helpful ideas:

- Her birthday theme is Tinkerbell

- Her favorite color is Pink

- We call her our Princess

I can’t wait to see the videos you all come up with.

If you post a video please be sure to send your initials and mailing address to to be added to a coupon train.

Thanks Again for being fans of Moms Saving Money.

*This Facebook post is only being used to post videos in a central location. Facebook is not affiliated with this giveaway/promotion in no way and is not responsible for anything pertaining to this giveaway.

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