Hallmark: Review and BN Back To School Giveaway

Hallmark Giveaway

Yay I was so excited when a box was dropped off and was totally surprised by the Hallmark items enclosed. My favorite was the Recordable book. My hubby works 2nd shift so we if not home every night to put the kids down for bed time. Our bedtime routine consists of using the potty, brushing teeth, story time and then prayer and get tucked in. Because my hubby can’t be there for story time the recordable book was awesome. The boys weren’t sure what to think when they heard Daddy’s voice! It took us two nights before they were glad to have it now every time they want to hear their daddies voice while he is gone at work they can just open the book and hear daddy reading the book for them.

Other items included greeting cards that are great to be placed in kids book bags but since its summer time I still have about a month before I can try those out. My princess is just over 2 yrs of age and she loves the Hallmark’s Bug ‘Em and even though she doesn’t quite use it what its intended for she loves to carry it around and to put her necklace and gloves in it. She hugs it and says my baby, my baby! Its really cute. I would recommend this Hallmark’s Back To School Confidence Checklist. I’m so excited to have school start soon so I can put cards in my kids book bags. To check out more from Hallmark click on the link.

Pictured above is all that is included to the winner.
Gift Pack Includes:

· Hallmark’s Kids Collection three-card pack,which feature topics for young kids, including nerves about school and positivereinforcement for hard work, as well as topics for tweens/teens, such as peerpressure and choosing friends wisely.

· Lunchbox Notes — 50 ways to add a little love tolunchtime.

· Bug’Em — apint-sized plush that can hold cards and other tokens of encouragement.

· Recordable Storybook— If work keeps you frombeing home after school or an evening activity causes you to miss bedtime, Hallmark Recordable Storybooks can help. RecordableStorybooks allow you to record your voice, and your little ones can read alongwith you even if you’re far away. They are also great for encouraging your kidsto read and building confidence for reading aloud!

For more information, please visit http://www.hallmark.com/life.

This Giveaway is part of the Bargain Network Back to School Giveaway. Giveaway starts July 16th – August 31st. You must be a US Resident and 18 years of age. Winner will be announce within 24 hrs of completion of giveaway by email. Winner will have 48 hrs to confirm win or another winner will be chosen.


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