Get your ALL YOU Magazine and Help Tornado Relief

This month, once again we have all watched or suffered through a new round of tornadoes sweeping through the nation. In fact, one of our dear friends lost her house and her entire neighborhood this week in Harrison, TN. Many of you have voiced the question on all our hearts:

How can I help?

Well, this morning, we are bringing you one simple and powerful way to immediately reach out and help those who are trying to rebuild once again… Purchase a subscription to All You Magazine. For every subscription sold through this special fundraising link$6 will be donated to tornado relief efforts.

Last year, right after the April 2011 tornadoes hit, we began this fundraiser, naming it Click4Hope. We invited other bloggers to join us – and together we all raised a whopping $28,000! (See the news coverage HERE) This past December we donated $7,000 each to the following: Cleveland, TN., Ringgold, GA., Moody AL., and Joplin, MO

What is All You Magazine?
All You Magazine is the ultimate couponer’s magazine. Each issue is stocked with up to $100 in coupons, money-saving tips, and frugal recipes, style tips and activities. Normally you would pay $2.49 an issue at Walmart – which is worth every penny. (April’s issue has over $80 in coupons!)

Through Click4Hope’s special fundraising link – not only can get All You for just $1.25 an issue (50% off the cover price) – but $6 will be donated to help disaster relief efforts in your own hometown!

Choose Your Subscription!

  • 24 Issues for $30 + $6 Donated to tornado victims
  • 15 Issues for $20 + $3 Donated to tornado victims

This year – our goal is $50,000, and I know that we can reach it together! Please share this post with friends and family – let’s combine our reach to make a big difference!

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