Free Sauve Deodorant at Kroger!


My favorite Women’s Deodorant Dea

I Heart Kroger because right now my Kroger still double
coupons up to 50 cents. So when the $.50 Suave coupons come in the SundaInserts once a month or so. I get 4 papers so when these come out I get 4 ofthese coupons.

There is a .$50/1 suave coupon RP 3/18

Kroger has the smaller Suave Deodorants regular price for
$1.06 and since these coupons are doubled I only pay $.06 for each one.


So I pay about $.44 for all 4 after taxes. I can do that! It’s
really easy to stock up on these. The down fall is being brand specific for this
deal and you only have about 3-4 different types to choose from Powder Scent,
Tropical, and two others I can’t remember at the moment.


It’s a great item to donate to Women Prisons, Church
Pantries as well as making great items to put in gift baskets for girl sports
teams like Drill Team/Color Guard.


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