Save on Men’s Products

We all can use some help on ways to save on Products.

1. Make a list of items men in your life need. Making a list will help you better understand exactly what you need to have in your budget. Your list should include Deodorant, Razors, Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Cologne, Hair Products, Soaps/Body Wash, After Shave. Anything you can think of the is distinctly for men that you need to have on your list.

2. Make a Price list of those items. Yes it may sound silly but if you know the price of items at regular price you’ll know where to buy the items at their cheapest so make sure to include prices from Walgreens, Target, Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and any grocery store you have around you. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that grocery stores have those items cheaper than Big Box stores or Drug Stores.

3. Add Sale Prices of those Items in a Separate Column and by Stores. When you watch the ads each week go back to your document and note when each store has a sale on the items you need and their prices. These prices will help you determine where the best place to get the deal on these products.

4. Take note Of dates of sales and coupons. You’ll start to notice a cycle for the stores and you’ll know where to get those items cheaper and when. This does take time and I recommend a full year. For example I know I can get Right Guard Defense 5 Deodorant at Walgreens on a B1G1 sale and once a year the manufacture will put a B1G1 in the Sunday Insert so this is when I will stock up for the year. I also know for my area that I can get Dove Men’s Body Wash I can get at my Kroger for $1 each every 12 weeks or so. With a sale and combine with a coupon. I also know I can get Gillette shaving cream for $.77 also at my Kroger 2 times a year. Those cycles are so important to know when saving and every area is different so know your area.

5. Take note how long it takes to go thru each item. This is so important. I know it takes my hubby to go through a stick of deodorant every 3 weeks during the winter months but as spring and summer comes around I’m lucky if it lasts 2 weeks for each stick. So knowing how long each items lasts and during each season will help you understand how to stockpile at the lowest price for the year or six or three months depending on your goal.

6. Stock-up Yearly. Make a plan and know how you want to stockpile. Everyone’s needs are different and so are your goals. Know what you want to accomplish and make a plan by writing it down so you know what you want to do. For me I am more interested in trying to save the most I can so on certain items I can stock up for the year while other items I will stock-up for 3 wks to 3 months. It will all depend on your area you live in and the store sales as well as how many coupons you get. For my family of 5 only 4 papers a week is good enough for our daily uses and for our stock-ups.

7. Shop B1G1 Sales. As mentioned above I am a big believer in B1G1 sales because most places will allow you to use 1 $ off coupon for each item or for even better savings use B1G1 coupons however those are rare and are considered a high value.

8. Check the Packages for Coupons. Many times products will have coupons attached on or inside of the products. Also many times these coupons are higher value than the ones you can find in the Sunday inserts or the printable coupons. I intentially will buy the products with coupons.

9. Sometimes buying a new kit/package is cheaper than buying refills. When Gillette came out with the Funsions there were $4 off coupons and most Drug Stores and Grocery Stores were doing promotions by offering Catalinas of $4 or $5 off your next purchase to buy those items. They also created gift packs to get consumers to try and Walmart ran a special marking them down to $3.99 which with this coupon made them free. So always weigh which is cheaper the new kit or a refill.

10. Buying smaller or single package items yields more savings with coupons than bonus/multiple packs. I use to think that buying a three pack of a product was a better value, but now I know better! When you use coupons on single item most of the time yields a larger savings then buying 1 value pack.

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