Save on EXTRAordinary Birthdays

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Part 1 – Making Lists and Checking Them Twice!

I love having themed birthday parties for mychildren. I know there will come a day when they will not want EXTRAvanganttheme birthday parties, so while they are young I will make them big! The bestpart is I don’t have to spend EXTRAordinary amounts of Money!

First, Plan ahead! Plan, plan, plan and plan ahead.Start early and don’t wait till the last minute to throw an EXTRAvagantbirthday party. Sure you can do it but to have the EXTRAordinary savings andhave an incredible EXTRAvagant party you need, NEED to plan ahead. Plan throughoutthe year and keep the party constantly in your mind when shopping and lookingfor ideas.

The best place to start is by making lists. Listswill help you stay organized and help you stay focused on an EXTRAvagantbirthday parties and have EXTRAordinary savings.

Step two: Get a spiral notebook or a paper pad and determinewhat kind of budget will you set for your child’s EXTRAvangant birthday. Thisis so important because once you set it, you will think more clearly how tostay within that Budget and be sure to write it down on paper so it will bealmost like writing it in stone. If you write it down you will more likelystick to it and not go over too much if any!

Step three: Start a list of possible themes. Knowyour child’s interests. To make an EXTRAvagant birthday party for the birthday childchoose a theme they like and can get excited about. Choosing a theme your childis excited will make the whole birthday planning process so much easier for youand you will enjoy the party yourself. Once you have your list of possiblethemes try to narrow it down. Think about what you have around the house youcan possibly use for your child’s EXTRAvagant party.

Step four: Make a list of the general items you knowyou want or need to include in your child’s Extravagant birthday party. Make a separate list of items you may want toinclude if it can be worked into your budget and can be done in time for theBIG day.

Step five: Now comes the fun and interesting part.Utilize the internet and search for the themes. Get ideas on what you can doyourself and not have to pay for. Seek out Ebay and Amazon for birthdaysupplies that are bundled and cheap. But be sure to take in account forshipping as part of the total cost. is a great resource.

Step six: Let’s go shopping! While you are out besure to keep an eye out for any items you might be able to use. Check theclearance sections, Dollar stores, and Big Lots. Use your imagination and don’tbe afraid to make homemade decorations.

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