Extreme Couponing Guru – Mr. Coupon, Nathan Engels Interview

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Last night I had the privilege to speak to Nathan Engels aka Mr. Coupon founder and creator of WeUseCoupons.com and one of the extreme couponers featured on the new show TLC’s Extreme Couponing. He’s enthusiastic and passionate about coupons, much like anyone who is passionate about something they love. In his own words Mr. Coupons says, “He’s not normal.”
I was surprise that I had the chance to be able to speak to Mr. Coupon as he is now more than just a coupon celebrity in the coupon world and I’m sure bombarded with questions and many interviews. As my husband said “It’s nice that he would talk to the small people.” I may be a newbie in the eyes of extreme couponers, but Mr. Coupon’s desire is to stir awareness in people to use coupons and forgo the negative connotations of coupons, i.e. coupons are for only junk food, they are a waste of time and take too much work. So even though I am fairly new to coupons I am able to spread the awareness and help others learn to coupon and very much thankful for the opportunity to speak with Mr. Coupon. 
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