EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings! Part 5

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EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings!

Part five: Know your needs and wants

It is so important to make a list of what you need for yourEXTRAvagant Birthday party. So take your notebook with your theme and budgetlist and now create a new list of all the items you know you need for theparty. Include in your list food items, decorations, cake, and any items youplan on making yourself.

Now make a list of all the things you can think of thatwould make your party EXTRAvagant! Be sure to make this a full wish list. Whenyou set your mind to something you can accomplish a lot. Don’t be ashamed ofyour list, dream big. I had a vision to make a chariot like princess for mydaughter, although I couldn’t afford the $4,000 Chariot bed I saw in a magazinebut I was able to convert our existing crib 3 in 1 to a toddler day bed and gotthe Princess bed tent for a twin size bed from Wal-mart on clearance. It costless than $4 and I was able to make it into a chariot looking bed, it was cuteand my own idea.

Think BIG! Let your wish list help you think creatively andlet your imagination run wild. I did a Princess theme for my 1yr old daughterand with larger boxes and plastic table cloths from the dollar store and lotsand lots of packaging tape and made a castle that toddlers could go in and outof and only cost $5 total. It was a huge hit in fact I repurposed the castleand made a Handy Manny Workshop.

So don’t let just what you can buy for your party determinehow EXTRAvagant your child’s birthday party can be. Be creative and imagine allthat you can do.

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