EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings! Part 4

EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings!

Part four: Pick a Theme

Be sure to write in your notebook a list of themes. Be awareof what your child interests are so you can make a great decision. Here is agreat tip, choose a theme your child likes, it will allow you to have asmoother preparation and enjoy the party without stressing out.

Your list should include at least 4-5 themes. Once you havethis list of themes you can start to narrow it down but getting ideas of whatis available in stores and on the web. This will also help you decide howcreative you want to be.

I can’t stress enough to you that choosing a theme yourchild likes and can get excited about, will help you in the long run and helpyou get excited about the party.

Knowing your theme ahead of time will help you find itemsfor the party little by little to get those EXTRAordinary savings. Having atheme narrowed down will help you determine what you need and what you can dowith that theme.

Be sure to choose an age appropriate theme. You wouldn’t givea 1yr old a Hannah Montana birthday or a Barbie party because they aren’t ageappropriate. Or you wouldn’t give a 16 yr old boy a Elmo party! Choose wiselyand involve your child in the decision.

When you pick a theme keep in mind who you can ask to helpyou get the party ready as well as take pictures. Family members could be a bighelp and more creative in a particular area than another.

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