EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings! Part 3

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EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings!

Part three: Determine a Budget

As a parent when it comes to throwing an EXTRAvangantbirthday for our child it is real easy to get carried away and want everythingand the very best there is to offer for the birthday party. However, not manyof us can afford to do s,o but we can make an EXTRAvagant birthday but stillhave EXTRAordingary savings. So first get a spiral notebook and begin writingdown what you feel comfortable spending on a birthday. Be realistic and makegeneral categories such as food, games, decorations, party favors, cake, etc.Beside each category write out what you feel is a realistic expectation tospend on each category.

Your budget you set will reflect the amount of guest you canexpect to attend. Be sure to write a list of those you want to invite andbeside each name place an A for (will attend) and B (maybe will attend). Thislist will help you determine how much of everything you need from cups, napkinsto the amount of food you will need.

Writing down you budget for each item will help stay withinthat budget and help from not going over too much if any!

Please be realistic on prices. The last thing you want to dois set a minimal budget and then get flustered because you find out items costmore than you expected. To help with this visit party stores, Target, Wal-martor any craft stores to get an average understanding of costs.

Be realistic with the amount you can spend. Don’t gooverboard with your expenditures and then regret later how much you spent. Onlyyou know what is feasible for your family and your financial situation.

To help you with your budget start putting a little awayeach payday or even when you find loose change so you won’t be spending a largeamount all at once. This seems hard but start very simple even if it is just a$1 every 2 weeks or $5 a month. Be realistic on when to save and where to putit aside. Don’t be tempted to use it so choose a place out of sight.

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