EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings! Part 2

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EXTRAvagant Birthdays at EXTRAordinary Savings!

Part 2 – Plan, plan, plan ahead

To have an EXTRAvagant theme birthday with EXTRAordinarysavings you must start early. I have three children and thankfully theirbirthdays are spread out so I don’t have parties back to back and each childcan have a truly special day for them.

I do start planning the day or week after my child’sbirthday for the following year. However I recently just started planning evenmore ahead. Awhile back Big Lots had tons of Transformers Birthday party decorationsand party ware for 25 cents to $1. So I snatched up enough party items for aparty of 16 for under $8 including cups, plates, decorations such as banners,party favors and much more. So I haven’t decided yet to which son will havethis theme but I have everything and I don’t have to spend a whole lot more tothrow an EXTRAvagant birthday party.

So please, please start thinking early and trust me thiswill help you have a smoother and more enjoyable party with your birthdaychild.

Some of the best deals you will find on party ware anddecorations is 1-2 months after a movie comes out for that theme or the weekof! For instance Disney Cars 2 came out this June and that week it came outTarget had all their Cars 2 party ware for 25% off. So yup you guess it Istalked up! Also when my first son was born the year Cars came out I had thrownhim a birthday party the following year and all the party ware was more than75% off this was right before the second movie was announced to be made so Ibought enough to have left over and yes I kept them so this September with theitems I recently bought plus what I already had from a few years back I haveeverything I need to throw an EXTRAvagant birthday party for EXTRAordinarysavings. I only spent combined $7 and now I only need food!

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was already planningher first birthday party and we did Disney Princess’s and it was awesome webought ahead of time and planned everything out. With food, party favors,decorations, and gifts we spent less than $50 and it was an Awesome party.

So my advice is plan ahead and keep your eyes opened. You neverknow when you might find an EXTRAordinary sale that can save you an EXTRAordinary amount of money!

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