Does blogging in you pj’s lose it’s touch?

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Does blogging in you pj’s lose it’s touch

Well first off I very rarely blog in my pj’s because I’m a deal blogger helping others save money so not only do I actually have to get out of the house to verify the deals, I also have 3 young kids who are in kindergarten and preschool, not to mention errands.

However I don’t dress up either and this is the part I do want to focus on. My blog has become my business it is no secret that most deal bloggers make money thru affiliates and advertising or even review products.

Essentially my home is my office. I get to stay home and be there when my kids are home from school. I get to set my own hours however like most places of work you get paid for the work you do or get fired! So if I don’t put in hours to my business (my blog) then I don’t get paid. I have a desk in a corner I use occasionally but most of the time I’m sitting on the couch, laying on my bed or sitting at the kitchen table. So being comfortable is a must for me so whatever I wear must be comfortable . Which means I rarely blog with my shoes on, no jewelry not even my wedding bands but that is a whole other story about my hands swelling!

So back to dressing up. Even though I don’t have to, I would like to and I think it would help me be in a better mindset to be more productive and accomplish more on my blog to help you. I know for me what I wear determines my confidence for the day. The more confidence I have the smoother and more productive my day is.

I remember the days when I worked as an administrative Assistant and had my own office. Not having constant distractions helped me be productive but I would long for interaction. My attire would play a big role because if I sat all day behind a desk I needed to be comfortable otherwise the slightest discomfort would ruin my whole day and I wouldn’t feel like working not to mention that I would be constantly trying adjust my posture to be comfortable.

So if I didn’t have to look presentable to get out and drop my kids off at preschool and kindergarten or run errands I would probably blog in my pj’s more that is if I actually owned any! My kids come first so my wardrobe is the last to see anything new! I’m sure most of you can relate to that!

Oh did I mention I rarely wear matching socks!

So if you are a blogger what do you wear and do you think what clothes you wear have an effect on your productivity on your blog?

What are your thoughts about how you dress when you blog or work from home on the many array of home businesses?

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