Did you see the extra spins on SuperPoints?

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If you haven’t already read the new direction Superpoints is going in you can check it out HERE.

Many fans are disappointed and will most likely leave. Whatever your decision is I am not here to say its right or wrong. I do want to let you know that Superpoints has funded many giveaways I have done here on Moms Saving Money and I hope to continue that. If you havent alread noticed you got an extra set of spins half the amount you normally get added to todays spins. This was not in their post but my guess its part of the uproar from yesterdays news.

I wouldnt mind having the extra spins daily but I’m sure its just for today. The redemptions are higher to achieve and you only win up to 1,000 pts per referal. For instance it now cost 1336 superpoints to cash out for $10 where it use to be 1,000 superpoints.

In my opinion it is still cheaper and easier than other money making sites similar and it is less time consuming per day.

So far I have made $710 with Superpoints since first joining. If you would like to join click HERE.

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2 Responses to Did you see the extra spins on SuperPoints?

  1. Ellen Furtado says:

    What do you think of the recent changes at Superpoints, with them taking all the referrals away and raising the prices?
    Here someone made a nice comparison of the reward programs, so I’m not sure if Superpoints are worth my time anymore – http://rewardconfessions.blogspot.com/

  2. Rebecca says:

    Well the person who wrote that failed to mention you can win on emails, surveys, games and a few others on superpoints as for gifthulk Victor the pr guy wasn’t to friendly with contacting bloggers not to mention 20% earning is only if members are active. Swagbucks yes you do have to actively search for most points but as a blogger myself I have to do what takes the least amount of time daily which is Superpoints and I do have gifthulk and Swagbucks with Swagbucks devoting the same amount of time I do with Superpoints per day I have made only $140 and Superpoints $720 gift hulki have 8 referrals but only 70 points and been a member for 2 months whatever works for each person is what you should do. All money I make goes back to giveaways or is donated to help others.