Did you hear about the 7 day rule?

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Have you heard of the 7 day rule? Well essentially as posted by a fan below if you buy something and don’t use it in 7 days get it out!

Fan Heather G. says “declutter tip number one and only “1″! If you haven’t used it in 7 days max, toss it or donate it! Then you never have to de-clutter’, your entire home! I have lived this way my entire life,  have never regretted, or needed to replace anything that fell into this Rule!”

This is a great rule to live by however for my family I can’t fully live by this rule because I do have to have a semi stockpile anf here is why. I have couponed over 2 yrs and now I now the cycles os sales plus the amount we use of our commonly used items. So with that said I do stockpile so I can enjoy the price of items at their lowest so I can maximize my savings.

My husband and I are big readers so we have over 4500 books, we are not hoarders we do use books for references we lend them out and give them away and even reread books its our little getaway we share and maybe one day our kids will love books just as much. Other items we do keep around is power cords and that is probably one thing we should reevaluate in our home because we dont need them. I have been spring cleaning and trying to decluttler. So I start with small steps like right now I have been working all week on my living room removing everything that doesnt belong and those that do belong, reorganizing them and getting out what we dont use. There has to be a place for everything and if there isnt then its time for me to reevaluate what we are keeping and holding onto items.

Here is a post on Simple ways to declutter.

If you have some suggestions to add feel free to comment below I would love to hear about them.

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